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Jihadis in California

Posted by avideditor on December 9, 2010

From Here http://americanpatriotscommission.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/stealth-jihad-in-san-francisco/

“Stealth Jihad Edition:

San Francisco is quietly becoming the home of stealth jihad. Most people there are so open minded they cannot see the danger in front of them. This from a confidential source:

“Alameda (CA) Army-Navy Surplus store on Embarcadero Road …. I was stunned to find that it is owned by devout Muslims, and wearing robes, hats, etc. in the store. One of their wives waited on me and she was wearing a robe and hijab! As I entered the store I was confronted by a black female mannequin dressed as a Middle East terrorist complete with bomb vest, red-checkered hijab, and AK-47! (I took a clandestine picture when nobody was looking! It’s attached!) Scared the crap out of me! Unbelievable! I was in the store for about an hour to check things out. The only patrons I observed were either black (Oakland?) or Muslims, and most were buying camos and other “survival” gear. A lot of Arabic was spoken between the two men operating the store and the Muslim patrons. Lots of glances from them at me while I was there. There also was a big sign, “NO PHOTOGRAPHS!” – I wonder why?” “

One Response to “Jihadis in California”

  1. Fritz Katz said

    Several years of reviews by people that have shopped there:


    There’s this review from 2008:

    This place has NAZI Paraphernalia and WHITE POWER Paraphernalia. I could not believe my eyes. You walk in and in the first glass case it is filled with NAZI Swastika patches and SS Bolt patches. I am talking a glass case that is 2 feet wide and 6 feet long! That is a lot of racist patches and to displayed them in such prime retail space is disturbing. . SO DO NOT SHOP HERE! I asked the owner why he would sell racist paraphernalia and he said ” I don’t need you get out” I was totally shocked being that the store is not owned and run by white people… They are middle eastern and I can only assume that they hate jews.

    Apparently, a lot of the overt Nazi stuff has been removed, sold, or toned down (from Feb. 2010):

    … And for another reviewer here to speculate that they hate Jews is irresponsible at best. Military issue chai, mezuzzah, and Magen David necklaces are also available among the various other war (including Nazi) collections.

    Maybe someone in the S.F. Bay area can visit and get some video. It’s not hard to get around their ‘No Pictures’ rule:


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