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Insane Jihadi Ultimatums on Israel

Posted by avideditor on October 9, 2010

It seems the jihadis are not happy the American people are waking up and voting the pro Jihadi Commies out of office in November. The left a 30 day except are insane demands or we will be even crazier on Israel.

“The Arab League decided Friday to give the United States an ultimatum: If U.S. leaders do not pressure Israel into accepting Arab demands within a month, the Palestinian Authority will give up on the next round of negotiations. The PA is demanding that Israel forbid Jews to build in Judea and Samaria, an area that is home to an estimated 350,000 Israelis.” Read the rest here

Before you think that making areas that are historically Jewish a nazi fanatisy of Jewish free is not crazy enough. Check out the complet insanity displayed on a jihadi propaganda video.

HT arier

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