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Is Charles Johnson of LGF a secret Muslim?

Posted by avideditor on July 27, 2010

Update: Is Charles Johnson of LGF a Fenton Shill?

Update : By being purposely ignorant and considering the Islamist threat no different than all other non-threatening Religions, he is being a useful-idiot and helping the creeping Caliphate. But I think Cj goes father here. Warning paste the link into your browser at your own risk http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/36834_TN_Lt._Gov._Ramsey-_Religious_Freedom_Doesnt_Apply_to_Muslims

In the past I questioned was CJ a junkie Watch out for Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs and this video. But he seems to be now pro installing the Caliphate in the US I change my speculation. I am sorry but no drugs I know of make one a jihadi. Maybe his wife is a muslim and he converted to being a muslim for her. And CJ tends to drift to the extremes, so now he is a jihadi. But anyways Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs now acts like a jihadi. Like Prince Charles of the UK Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam? :: Daniel Pipes . Anyone have more evidence that he is a secret muslim? Him being a secret muslim might explain this Why is Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs obsessed with calling Glenn Beck Hitler? « Avid Editor’s Insights . Any ways watch out for this dangerous jihadi that breaks the TOS of Paypal and is pro installing the caliphate here. Sorry just being a couple of blocks away does not change this CfnJ

49 Responses to “Is Charles Johnson of LGF a secret Muslim?”

  1. Rodent said

    You should have yourself checked for autism.

    • avideditor said

      Is an ad hominem attack the best you can do? Why? What facts do you have? What do you object to?

      • JC said

        Ad hominem attacks, without facts – like “Is CJ a junkie?” or “Is CJ a secret Muslim jihadi?”

        And if believing the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion applies to Muslims makes one a jihadi, I guess I am one as well. I’d also like to introduce you to my fellow jihadis, Justices Ahmed Scalia, Mohammed Thomas, Abdul Roberts, and Salim Alito.

        • avideditor said

          Notice those are questions 😉 I never said saying freedom of religion to muslims makes one a jihadi. Is that what you really think that is what I said. I am against the mega mosque because the people that are building it and the imam are for the jihadi flotilla and being next to ground 0. There is a big difference to me from a jihadi and a muslim. But I understand how some disagree. I am against sharia and installing a caliphate here. That is what I saw CfnJ promoting. What person in there right mind that is not a jihadi promote those things?

          • JC said

            Hmmm, why would I think that is what you said? Maybe because the post you point to, as as your proof that he “goes farther” than being “a useful idiot,” makes you think he “now is a jihadi” promoting “installing the caliphate in the US” and warn to “paste the link into your browser at your own risk” is him calling out the Lt. Gov of TN for saying that religious freedom may not apply to Islam? Yeah, that might be the reason.

            Seriously, do you even think about what you’re writing before you post, or is this some kind of stream-of-batshit-crazy-consciousness blog?

            • avideditor said

              seems you are the “useful idiot” believing the smear of that Fenton funded possible jihadi. Look at Fenton look at what LGF has become. Believe any of there smears at your own risk.

              • JC said

                Point me to any smear that was in my comment? Here is the bit on the Lt. Gov –

                “At a recent event in Hamilton County, Ramsey was asked by a man in the audience about the “threat that’s invading our country from the Muslims.” Ramsey proclaimed his support for the Constitution and the whole “Congress shall make no law” thing when it comes to religion. But he also said that Islam, arguably, is less a faith than it is a “cult.”

                “Now, you could even argue whether being a Muslim is actually a religion, or is it a nationality, way of life, cult whatever you want to call it,” Ramsey said. “Now certainly we do protect our religions, but at the same time this is something we are going to have to face.”

                Where is the smear there? He is clearly making the case for the possibility of declaring that Islam is not “actually a religion”, and therefore would not be protected. Or is it the fact that I used your words, FROM THIS VERY POST, that is supposedly a smear? You need some serious help, my friend.

                • avideditor said

                  that is the smear “stream-of-batshit-crazy-consciousness blog” and what CfnJ is saying about me is a smear. Why do you treat CfnJ like a messiah?

                  • JC said

                    Well, when you treat a blog post, calling out a guy for saying that Islam might not be protected under the First Amendment as a religion, as proof that the blogger in question is a “secret muslim” “dangerous jihadi” who wants to “install the caliphate in the US,” batshit crazy is not a smear, but rather the only appropriate response.

                    • 1389AD said

                      If you are so doctrinaire as to insist on using the US Constitution as the instrument of its own destruction, then you are the one with the software (or maybe hardware) problems in the upstairs department.

        • Rancher said

          Freedom of Religion says that Congress won’t set up a state religion. What are you saying? I can worship a religion that allows me to cut off heads so I get to cut off heads? There has to be a point where your rights end because they infringe on mine.

    • Gabe said

      This comment is extremely offensive to people with autism.

  2. TwentySix said

    I think you are completely batshit insane, and deluded. You are just like all the others, prattling on and on and on like you are a fuckin’ imam expert sayin “is-laaaam” over and over and over again. i don’t believe in any religion. I just think you are crazy. and possibly autistic. lol. btw I have aspergers so fuuuuck off

  3. Jerry said

    How old are you? 10?

  4. Eric Rohrs said


    Being against a Sufi mosque project several blocks away from Ground Zero is like being opposed to a Quaker church being proposed several blocks away from the site of an IRA terrorist attack.

    You do realize, do you not, that the Sufi school of Islam is opposed to the vicious, murderous intolerance of the Wahabbi / Salafist school that is the core of the jihadist ideology?

    And, that this is but the most recent example of attacks by the Taliban/Al Qaeda jihadists on Sufis?

    If understanding such subtle distinctions makes one a jihadist, well then I suppose Charles Johnson is one.

    Personally, I think turning the United States into a Christian version of Saudi Arabia would not be a good thing. Let the insane jihadists be the ones who see enemies everywhere — remember, they were the ones saying frigging Pokemon was a Zionist conspiracy.

    Seems to me you’re much more like your enemy than you are aware of.

    • avideditor said

      lol. Does the Mosques Imam being involved with the flotilla mean anything to you? Your analogy make no sense. Jihadis did 9-11 and jihadis want to build a giant mosque near it. Keep in mind I do not consider all moslems jihadis. Where did I promote theocracy or turning the United States into a Christian version of Saudi Arabia ? I never did or do. Just re check your facts. I am just against mega mosques being built by jihadis (remember the support of the flotilla) by ground 0. I am also against the promotion of sharia. Look at those fools before you defend them 😉

    • Daedalus said

      It’s not a Sufi Mosque you liar. Plus the Imam is affiliated with the Gaza Flotilla and supports Islamic Imperialism. He’s a hater of Israel and the original name Cordoba house is racist. Cordoba is a Latin catholic city and he choose that name to tout the 500 year racist occupation by the Arabs. They lost and you progressives still cry over Muslim occupied Spain. I’m glad my ancestors liberated it.

      • Brendan said

        When someone says Cordoba I remember the beautiful mingling of Catholic and Islamic architecture in the Mezquita where a cathedral is built inside a mosque with great care and obvious respect for the mosque structure. it is actually one of the world’s greatest monuments to interfaith respect.

        • Daedalus said

          I t was a Cathedral before the Muslim occupation. The Arabs turned it into a Mosque, then the Spanish resistance made it back to a Cathedral.

          .”it is actually one of the world’s greatest monuments to interfaith respect.”

          No it’s a symbol of Latin-Catholic triumph against Arab genocide.

          I bet the Haga Sofia is a symbol of interfaith respect, Hmm?

        • Philip_Daniel said

          “The Arabs have persecuted us severely, and passed baneful and discriminatory legislation against us…Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase, and hate us as much as they.”

          Moses Maimonides (Moses ben Maimon), Iggeret Teiman (Epistle to the Jews of Yemen)

          “The word ziz in Arabic is
          derogatory, for when they wish to say in that tongue, “Strike him upon the head”, “Give him a blow upon the neck”, they
          say zazzhu (hit him). Indeed, on account of our sins they strike upon the head the children of Israel who dwell in their
          lands and they thus extort money from them by force. For they say in their tongue, mal al-yahudi mubah, it is lawful to
          take money of the Jews.? For, in the eyes of the Muslims, the children of Israel are as open to abuse as an unprotected
          field. Even in their law and statutes they rule that the testimony of a Muslim is always to be believed against that of a
          Jew. For this reason our rabbis of blessed memory have said, “Rather beneath the yoke of Edom [Christendom] than
          that of Ishmael.” They plead for mercy before the Holy One, Blessed be He, saying, “Master of the World, either let us
          live beneath Thy shadow or else beneath that of the children of Edom” (a Talmudic verse).”

          Isaac ben Samuel of Acre

          “No…Jew or Christian may be allowed to wear the dress of an aristocrat, nor of a jurist, nor of a wealthy individual; on the contrary they must be detested and avoided. It is forbidden to accost them with the greeting, ‘Peace be upon you’…In effect, ‘Satan has gained possession of them, and caused them to forget God’s warning. They are the confederates of Satan’s path; Satan’s confederates will surely be the losers! (Quran 58:19). A distinct sign must be imposed upon them in order that they may be recognized and this will be for them a form of disgrace.”

          Ibn ‘Abdun, Islamic faqih (jurist) from Seville

          “Bring them down to their place and return them to the most abject station. They used to roam around us in tatters covered with contempt, humiliation, and scorn. They used to rummage amongst the dung heaps for a bit of a filthy rag to serve as a shroud for a man to be buried in…Do not consider that killing them is treachery. Nay, it would be treachery to leave them scoffing.”

          Abu Ishaq Elbīrī, 1066 (this incited an Islamic pogrom [qitaal] against the Jews of Granada, resulting in approximately 5,000 deaths, exterminating the entire Jewish population of Granada, Spain)

  5. Diego said

    You are batshit crazy just as CJ has characterized you. Seriously, do you expect to be taken seriously posting this type of absurd ethnocentric, xenophobic hate-speech nonsense?

    You are not well.

    • avideditor said

      LOL. Where is the hate speech, absurd ethnocentric, and xenophobic stuff? Is being agains jihadis, sharia, and caliphates does not make one that; Read what I have writen and stop listening to that Fenton funded possible jihadi.

    • Daedalus said

      The Jazz Man is crazy. He’s an enabler of the Jihadi agenda. Read about the Muslim Brotherhood and get back to us.

  6. Buck said

    You litter the internet with your nonsense. It is like an oil spill, but in my lake, on my yard.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts.

    Again, this is nothing more than graffiti, and a mess for others to look at and hope someone cleans it up.

  7. Dave said

    Johnson also supports gay marriage, which means he’s probably gay.

  8. Simone said

    Supporting the right of MUSLIM AMERICANS to build a mosque and worship their deity freely does not rationally equate with supporting sharia law. I think you’re just pissy that your blog doesn’t receive the same level of viewing that LGF does. You really need to get a life.


    • avideditor said

      LOL you think I would have paid the 15 dollars for a real domain if I cared about traffic 😉 I am not a jihadist or a lefty. Continue reading your lies and smears from CfnJ. I just want to expose him as the fraud that he is. CfnJ is not a messiah or to be trusted. Why is he your messiah?

    • Daedalus said

      LGF’s traffic has collapsed 70% from 2 years ago. It’s a model of a hit blog.

  9. when*pigs*fly said

    Well, this article certainly has attracted a boatload of leftards!

    • My Little Ponytail said

      Maybe it’s because teh Johnson posted a bogus story about a gazillion hits on his google search about him being a sekrit mooslim (you’re not that significant, Chuck), and it turns out that this is the only actual one that really exists in the real innertoobs?

      • Brendan said

        I think he doesn’t link directly to avoid showing up in the referrer stats is all. It is obvious the referring post only mentions one article. Whether he puts quotes around it or not is irrelevant.

        • avideditor said

          well any ways it was 10 times less then the first time he lied about me with a link on his main page. I hope Fenton is paying him well because it looks like he needs to sell alot of cook books. The only reason I expose the looser is to try to save some of the clueless followers. It looks like it is working 🙂

    • 1389AD said

      Somebody sent them over here. But they only responded to that demand because they have no life, they think it’s a game, they can’t think for themselves, and they feel a need to prove their devotion to Fearless Leader.

  10. Scott Madsen said

    Wow, first Cat Stevens, and now Charles Johnson, who’s next Salena Gomez?

    If this keeps up, we won’t have any pop icons left to worship!

  11. avideditor said

    Thanks for defending me against CnfJ smears 🙂 http://diaryofdaedalus.com/2010/07/27/1396/

    • elyakatz said

      Doesn’t bother me Avid. I hate it when people attack you personally, however the only person they really injure is themselves. It becomes obvious they can’t properly frame an argument or a response. I’m going to sit this one out from here on in, now that you’ve informed me of what’s going on.

      On a similar topic, I hope you don’t mind…I put Northstar in the spam bin, then deleted him. I think you should block him. Arguing with that guy just gives him legitimacy in his own eyes….it puffs him up. Of course, if he gets puffed up any more than he already is….he’s going to pop. — He’s a legend in his own mind.

  12. […] previously posted this about how the EDL are the only defense IMHO to Lundonistan. Possible muslim blogger CfnJ posted this lie and smear What a bunch of lies. I guess he other lefties and other possible jihadis […]

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    Is Charles Johnson of LGF a secret Muslim? « Avid Editor’s Insights

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