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Traitors?? Or “Between the Straits”?

Posted by Glezele Vayne on July 26, 2010


Special attention needs to be paid to video #3. I don’t know if the claims made about Yesha leaders and rabbis deceiving and betraying the people are true. I’m posting it for your consideration. Perhaps they were given impossible choices by Ariel Sharon, who proved himself up to the job of being dictator of the moment, and then paying a horrific price…still lingering between life and death to this day. One commenter suggested that perhaps the government promised an expulsion either way, one way with much bloodshed, possibly civil war, the other without bloodshed. We must try and believe the best of our leaders, particularly our rabbis unless it’s just impossible to do otherwise. In other words, there needs to me more proof than just a video or two. Videos are too easy to manipulate.

However, if there was betrayal, particularly if only for petty reasons, such as loss of courage, or petty gain of some sort, then we have a serious problem as a people. That problem must be resolved before we can unite, otherwise all our efforts will be thwarted by moles and spies.

One sure way to remove the temptation of our leaders to betray us is to finally become a bona fide independent nation…not beholden to the US, Europe or any other foreign nation, but only to our King, HKB”H.

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