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No mosque at Ground Zero

Posted by avideditor on July 25, 2010

9 Responses to “No mosque at Ground Zero”

  1. Rose said

    Great vid.

  2. Ark said

    yeah the Muslims built mosques cause they CONQUERED those places. have the Muslims conquered the United states? i don’t think so and besides all those conquests happened centuries ago and Muslims attempting to conquer the united states would lead to another large war and for those people who lost their family members to the 9/11 incident there were also dozens of Muslims who lost their lives as well. Don’t their voices count?

    • elyakatz said


      Muslims don’t care if they kill Muslims when they are on jihad. Those are “martyrs for Allah”, after all. As far as Muslims conquering the US, they don’t have to conquer the entire nation to feel they have conquered one area…namely, Ground Zero. One block at a time will do. These fellas have the long view in mind and have the patience to see it through, no matter how long it takes.

      In contrast, most Americans have a “fast food” mentality. We’ve done everything fast through most of our history, and have only gotten faster in recent decades. While having the expectation of quick results works well as a business model, it can leave one with a twisted view of history, and a short-sighted approach to the future. Which brings me to another glaring weakness in the American mind-set, making us vulnerable to the wiles of a more ancient “culture” (really a supremacist ideology) such as Islam, namely, our lack of historic mindedness. Most Americans know precious little about history, and hardly consider history as relevant to them today. And if Americans don’t get over these weaknesses in our thinking, we are going to learn otherwise the hard way.

    • avideditor said

      Just a quick question for you does 2 plus 2 equal 4?

  3. Lysol said

    Great video Avid.

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