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Jihad In Bosnia

Posted by avideditor on July 17, 2010

HT Lazar

2 Responses to “Jihad In Bosnia”

  1. vinny said

    What the hell did we do there during the Clinton years. We all played a role in the devastation of Europe.

    • elyakatz said


      There were professional PR agencies busy at work, convincing most Americans that the Serbs were in the wrong. Conversely, when the Serbs (mostly farmers) tried to hire PR agencies in order to tell their side of the story, the Clinton administration prevented US companies from working with the Serbs. Wars are conducted more by PR agencies than anything else these days.

      By our complacency, we did participate in the war crimes of the Clinton Administration. I’ve had to do my own begging for G-d’s mercy. At the time, I experienced a certain cognitive dissonence upon hearing the reports of Serbian massacres of Muslims, but I chose to overlook it, not dig in and figure out the truth. But…the lion’s share of blame rests with those who knew better, foremost being Bill Clinton and friends. All we can do now is our best to get the word out, perhaps contribute to Serbian charities, visit Serbian websites and express our sorrow over our complicity. At least then, perhaps we can prevent the next tragedy. And knowing that the world finally understands their struggle might, in some small measure, assist the Serbian people in healing themselves and their community.

      I personally think the destruction of Yugoslavia was a trial run…to see if it would work. The next victim is Israel, or any other small country which insists on remembering it’s own unique history and nationhood in order to preserve and protect it’s sovereignty. The powers that be want us all safely tucked away into controllable regional blocks, and there is no room in such a world for those who are proud of their national sovereignty, or the inherited wisdom of their ancient sages.

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