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Israel should kill the jihadis before they try to kill us :) Abbas to Arabs: We’d Support a War Against Israel

Posted by avideditor on July 8, 2010

They clearly want war. I think it is time we should wipe out the parasites before they kill more innocents. From here “Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told Arab leaders that the PA is ready to wage war on Israel if the rest of the Arab world does, according to the PA daily Al-Hayat al-Jadida as translated by Palestinian Media Watch.

“If you want war, and if all of you will fight Israel, we are in favor. But the Palestinians will not fight alone because they don’t have the ability to do it,” Abbas quoted himself as having said at the March Arab League Summit in Libya.”

I previously wrote

The solution to the “Palestinian” curse on Israel

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The Problem With Islam

Posted by DJM on July 8, 2010

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Close-up of the Islamic world:

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Full map from FreedomHouse.org

From “The Problem – What Is Wrong With The Islamic World?” at MarkHumphrys.com

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