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Jihadis and Nazis praise Hitler on the jihadi propaganda about the Flotilla on Youtube

Posted by avideditor on June 2, 2010

From here YouTube
It seems reality does not effect the pro Jihadi spin. See the truth here new video of the Flotilla people going to Gaza attacking the IDF with weapons, The poor starving people of Gaza /sarc ( photo collage ), The poor starving people of Gaza /sarc {photo}, Jihadis are spinning Israel protecting its borders into classic Jew hatred, and here Why where the “humanitarian” aid ships carrying marbles.

HT Lysol

7 Responses to “Jihadis and Nazis praise Hitler on the jihadi propaganda about the Flotilla on Youtube”

  1. I strongly disagree those poor swellbellie palistinions with their zionist rappin tapout little asses keep my wife up all shouting and bombing …OIH YOU LOT,.. keep the noise doon i,ve got a benefit check , the morra at 9 o,cloack.. ah need ma sleep.. ..(fume)..if ah,ve goat tate come doon their i,ll kick yir f**king arses fir yae..(AND CUT TAE WINDA SLAMMING) and thats arap….!!!!

  2. 1,000,000 pot noodles ,..(check100,000 plasticforks (check)..547 cases of finest napoleon brandy (check).. bit furra a doabie (check) ..pinstripe suits ..2dozen… (check) naw ..pinstripe…a gaggle of thai ladyboys fur the bang up(check) ..yes…!! everything seems to be in order ….yes you can through now the pope,s been expecting you …..BURPH!!!!!!

  3. who,s the daftie..!!? feeding the pigeon,s is you they goat the giro,s oan saterday and gubbed it already..f**k them ..buy yir ain kebabs ..moan boays were outta here ,pronto!!!!!

  4. we must never forget what hitler did for the jews …made lampshades out their skins,… cashed their giro,s fir them ..helped them spend it tae (what a thoughtful man) showed them the wonders of origami . selt awe their trainers to the third world countries…and introduced them to playstation 3 and not x box 360…..

  5. fart, belch ,squelch ,burph,.. urrckk!!!!they barquece ribs are nice …UURRRPPPH!!!!yeah… washed doon ,,,way some some crossbow cannibal cider …and a smoking flaxBURRRUUURRRKFFFFPH!!(pardon me!) a wee bitta win there……..

  6. evil jesus supports jihad…it,s a holo caust,.. bomb eveything !!!!!! (wee eck) ah cannie !?ah,ve goat tae watch ma wee sister, tae ma ma come back fae the shoaps … geez 20 mins…..

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