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Happy Draw Mohammed Day

Posted by avideditor on May 20, 2010

2 Responses to “Happy Draw Mohammed Day”

  1. Augusto said

    I’m a mahama crapin laughting so hard… I love this… goes on my wall.

  2. LOL! Happy Draw Mohammed Day to you too. I participated also.
    I’ll be damned if anyone tells me what I can, and cannot draw/depict as an artist. For myself, they were last minute doodles to participate. But now I am thinking of full scale, gallery wrapped canvas, and possibly shop to a few galleries. Then we’ll see who meets the cut.
    Frankly, I have to say this: the art world, although it is in the spotlight now, over this, is really quite timid, despite all their intellectual huffing and puffing. Most of them would volunteer at a radical mosque as a “work of art” rather than host an artist who has the guts to actually depict Mohammed as he really was. Sad, but true.

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