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Crazy illegals threatening to kill us

Posted by avideditor on April 28, 2010

“We will take up our shovels and our pickaxes, that we [unintelligible] and make your landscaping and clean your toilets and [unintelligible], we will USE THEM AGAINST YOU. Believe that. “ ]

2 Responses to “Crazy illegals threatening to kill us”

  1. avideditor said

    “Slay the Americans wherever ye find them, for [their] refusing to extend amnesty to all illegal immigrants is worse than slaughter.”

    “Fight them until there be no more prosecution, and all land be for Mexicans in the whole of Aztlan.”

    Channeling Salafist-Wahhabist Islam here. ” ANON

  2. Rose said

    Good point actually. Some people aren’t going to like it, but it’s a good point.

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