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Everyone Draw Mohammed Day

Posted by avideditor on April 24, 2010

ht The COFFEE SHOP: Mohammed Challenge and Boobquake

2 Responses to “Everyone Draw Mohammed Day”

  1. keefe said

    Is anybody else enjoying the barrage of headlines discussing “cartoon violence” in the Muslim world? Perhaps I’m just insensitive, but I keep imagining Wile E. Coyote in a turban.

    On Tuesday the National Post, seeking to make a sharp point about all this “cartoon violence”, printed a selection of vicious anti-Semitic cartoons taken from the recent pages of the Muslim press. Today the Post prints a brief, tart letter from one Bonnie Marie Shahin of Calgary, who writes:

    An enlightening summary of the issue, don’t you think? If you merely advocate genocide against a “political entity,” you are entitled to the protections of free speech, and to full deference to your intellectual dignity. But to criticize a religious creed–well, that’s just hateful.

    This is, of course, a spectacular subversion of the postliberal ethos of programmed “free expression”. Western societies like Canada were encouraged to adopt laws against “hate” in order to protect people from violence and discrimination on the basis of their inalterable, inherent characteristics, most significantly race. But perhaps Bonnie Marie Shahin’s view represents our future. “Political entities”, including racial groups, will be regarded as fair game–but discussion of the demerits of any belief system, whether Islam, Mormonism, logical positivism, or New Math, will be proscribed. This amounts to a universal ban on reasoned discourse, but then why should mere philosophy be allowed to interfere with the entertaining struggle of rival “cultures” for political power?

    My own view is that if we’re not free to say fuck Islam, then we’re not free, period. My apologies to any Canadian diplomats abroad whose lives and property may be endangered by a simple statement of the essential credo of liberalism.

    – Colby Cosh


  2. infideldelight said

    I’m looking forward to Everyone Draw Mohammed Day!


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