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My Quick and Direct Message to Salaf Muslim Scum

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on April 14, 2010

Philip Daniel


Lan astaslem. Slay me or enslave me — I dare ya — make your Allah and Rasul’ullah happy by becoming a mujahid, engaging in the fard kifaya/mustahabb institution of jihad al-talab wa’l-ibtida’. If you survive the qital against your kaffir/mushrik/mujrim/fasiq/murtadd/zindiq/mufsid enemies, then you’ll receive tons of maal-e ghanimaat and ma malakat aymanukum, and if you die on the battlefield during a ghazwa having bravely slain kuffar and mushrikun before attaining the distinction of shahid, then you will be immediately granted access to the highest level of Jannatal-Firdaws — with 72 ‘aynhour and 28 ghilman and 80,000 abid and rivers of wine and an ever-erect phallus. If you do not go out on a sariy or ghazw, or at least desire to strive in the path of Allah, engaging in futuhat (opening lands to Tawheed and Shari’a through imperial conquest, as has been clearly commanded and prophesied in the Qur’an and Sunna) and eradicating the filth of kufr and shirk, then you will have died as a munafiq — and you know as well as I that munafiqun are tortured at the deepest and most severe level of Jahannam.

It’s your choice — either go out on ribat and chastise the disbelieving apostate enemies of Allah and his chosen Ummah by al-sayf, or die as a hypocrite.

Originally posted as a comment to an (apparently) supremacist muwahhid at Fail Blog.

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