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Government Funded Palestine House: “We Need Another Holocaust”

Posted by DJM on April 3, 2010

The JDL (Jewish Defense League) protested the government funding of Palestine House in Canada.

What the mainstream media reported:

Each group accused the other of hate, shouting “go home.” JDL members hurled overt racist slurs, while Palestine House men threw pennies on the ground, calling the JDL “thieves.”

What was really said:

Palestine House Guy: “You guys need another Holocaust. You guys need another one. You f*ckers need another Holocaust.”

And not just anti-semitic taunts, but open support for terrorism as well:

JDL Guy: “No more jihad.”

Palestine House Guy: “We love jihad. We love killing you.”

JDL Guy: “Peace, education, not jihad. No more jihad — stop it!”

Palestine House Guy: “We love it. No, we love it. We love killing dogs… your bitches with you.”

JDL Guy: “We like the Palestinians only we hate the terrorists.”

Palestine House Guy: “What do your women taste like?”

More at Atlas Shrugs.

(Cross-posted at SnappedShot.com and Al Salibiyyah)

6 Responses to “Government Funded Palestine House: “We Need Another Holocaust””

  1. avideditor said

    Is it just me or can I never here the audio of those jihadis saying that. Can you. What video what time. Maybe it is a metal block or maybe my hears can’t recognize it. Well any ways great work. How can there be a government funded Pali house when there is no such thing as a Pali 😉

    • DJM said

      I heard it in both videos. There was a third video (see Atlas Shrugs) in which one of the Palestine House guys supposedly said, “You need another holocaust” earlier at the protest. That was more difficult for me to hear, but given the same guy shouts it here in the above video, I don’t doubt he actually said it earlier as well.

      Also, if you go to the Youtube channel, the uploader, JosephineJosephine, has one video showing one Palestine House guy acting like a monkey, taunting the JDL, while a second man actually exposes himself.

      • elyakatz said


        Was that particular footage in Pt 9 — or which part??

        • DJM said

          That was actually part 3 in which the Palestinian supporter mimicked a monkey while another exposed himself.

          The thing that got me is that the man who exposed himself wasn’t a young punk like the ones shouting taunts. He was an older man who, you’d think, would be more mature.

          In all, its very telling that not one person on their side made any attempt to tone down the comments about terrorism and the holocaust. Rather, others appeared to laugh and condone the taunts.

          • elyakatz said


            I posted part 10 on Glezele Vayne — hat tip to you and Avid. Did you watch part 10 yet? Slow motion on body language. Very revealing. They are so preoccupied with certain parts of their bodies…very adolescent.

            I once ordered a book of obscene expressions because I wanted to know when I was being insulted when in some foreign countries. I’ve been told by olim in Israel that there are no swear words in Hebrew. Hard to believe. I know there are are vulgar expressions, but apparently the actual vulgar words have to be borrowed from other languages.

            Arabic wins hands down for vulgar words and vulgar expressions. They’re always threatening other people’s mothers, or threatening with a thousand of these or that….

            The French vulgarities (in the book) were wimpy.

  2. Legion said

    And our prez Zero, stinky b.o. – loves the palis and disrespects the Israeli’s- sick- we must impeach him and get help to Israel!

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