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Why Russia should Invade Iran now.

Posted by avideditor on March 29, 2010

“Putin’s alliance with the Mahdist Mullahcracy MUST be a calculated, realpolitik, Machiavellian scheme — it cannot be a true alliance based on any mutual interests (but the shared opposition of the two nations to American hegemony, except that Iran is exponentially more imperialist and hegemony-desiring than either Russia or the US), as Putin is all-too-aware of Iran’s centrality in the current global Jihad at-Talab, including in subsidizing and arming and supporting the Chechen scum. Russia and China ain’t PC — they know how to deal with Jaish Muhammad — the Army of Muhammad. If anyone will lead us into a counter-offensive against the Mujahedin (who are “merely” fulfilling the fardh-ul kifaya and mustahabb dictates of their deen), it will be Russia & China” anon Western Civ  is here to stay

3 Responses to “Why Russia should Invade Iran now.”

  1. westerncivisheretostay said

    Wonder who “anon” is…?


  2. I’ve thought this for a long time. May the end of Iran be swift and decisive.

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