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Hitler finds out about Swiss minaret ban

Posted by avideditor on March 28, 2010


One Response to “Hitler finds out about Swiss minaret ban”

  1. This video is produced by an idiot!

    High moral grounds? Does it mean the moral grounds of honor killings, beheadings, rape of female children, or killing everybody who doesn’t convert? He says we are the same thing we are complaining about… prove it idiot, show us an honor killing or beheading by us, show us a case where a 6 year old child has been forced to have sex with an adult and sanctioned by law… We know you won’t will you? Go cower under a rock, or better yet strap a bomb to yourself, go into a mosque, stick your butt up at Allah, and finally blow your self up!

    This idiot says that we won’t let him wear what he wants? Hey, I say let the sandmonkey show who he is – lets be able to identify people who want to kill you. If they want to wear towels on their heads, let them! Now, as far as FORCING people to wear this barqa trash, no f-ing way! as far as wanting to cover your face? Mussies are damn cowards — the only faces of mussies that I see covered are with weapons in hand wanting to kill civilized people. Just like a bank … if a person walks into one with a coverd face, his intention is crystal clear .. ROBBERY. Now you mussies want to try to talk us into believing that the person is their for a car loan? Yeah right. He is getting a car, a stolen one after he shoots you in the head!

    Anyone ever see a peaceful loving muslim? I didn’t think so. That would be anti-islamic.

    Ban his holy book. Sure! Just like we ban child rape.

    Is there something I am missing or is this guy a bloody moron? He says about us not acting as a lunitic!! Now that is the biggest laugh, these are guys who like to cut peoples heads off! Do they deserve the right to call us lunitics? He is saying to mussies to “practice our religion” (in response to swiss)… we all know exctly what this means, don’t we?

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