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Zionist Bewails the Annihilation of the Christian Armenians by the Muslim Ottoman Turks in 1915

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on March 23, 2010

Philip Daniel


Hopefully, this will put to rest the mendacious antisemitic conspiracy theories espoused by some Armenian nationalists in relation to the WWI Jihad-genocide of the Armenians/Assyrians/Pontic Greeks by the Ittihad (triumvirate — Djemal Pasha, Talaat Pasha, Enver Pasha) government in the (decaying) Osmanili Khilafah

Palestine (1915)
It has been more than proved (of their own admission!) that it was the Germans
who “organized” the control and “correction” of the Armenians. Yet, these mes-
sengers from hell, who claim to be superior to others in many things, also describe
themselves as “better Christians” than all the others (do relish William’s’
prose.. .). Now, the Turks have promised that only 500,000 of the 2,500,000
Armenians living in the empire will be left at the end of the war. As far as these
promises are concerned, have faith in the Turks. They are on the way to keeping
their word. On our road,[in Palestine], one sees long files of young and old men
engaged in forced labour: from time to time, someone sick enough is borne on the
shoulders of a helpful comrade in misfortune; sometimes, someone lying on the
road whose sufferings will soon have ceased.

Even better: these wretches are pursued along the [railway] line of the
Hedjaz: old men, old women, children. Sometimes they are allowed to camp
down. No bread, no clothing, not a [piece of] cloth on their heads [as protection]
against sun or cold, not a tool with which to work. Yet these wretches sometimes
have the courage to ask: Will we stop here at last? The reply is invariably: “It is
not know[n]!” and the worst torture is added to all the rest: the torture of uncertainty.
In many places, it is forbidden to give alms to this hapless people.

Even better: do you know what was done with the young girls and young
women?! Yes, as soon as you read my question, you, who know Islam, have
guessed. However, this will not stop me telling you: THEY HAVE BEEN SOLD!
Yes, yes: sold, every girl from the age of seven or eight upwards. They are not
expensive. Although it is difficult to feed even the animals in this starving country,
there were found among the “faithful,” bidders ready to pay from five to a hundred
francs for a piece of white flesh. Do not console yourself with the idea that I am
reporting gossip! Vain consolation! Things seen, witnessed, proven, official! Very
small girls torn from their mothers, young brides taken from their husbands, young
girls “kaffirs” [infidels] become the slaves of the debauchery of the “faithful!” The
children of a race of martyrs, a race which is claimed to be physically beautiful,
and which is undeniably of an acute superiority of intelligence. . . .

As for me, I no longer have teeth to gnash, whose turn is it now? For I came
into my country, on the holiest ground, on the road from Jerusalem, and I asked
myself if we were in 1915 or in the days of Titus and Nebuchadnezzar. For I, a
Jew, I forgot that I was Jewish-it is very difficult to forget this “privilege”!-and
I asked myself if I had the right to weep solely for the grief of my nation and if
Jeremiah [8:21] did not shed his tears of blood for the Armenians too?!

And, lastly, since the Christians-some of whom sometimes claim a
monopoly of works of Love, of Charity, and of Solidarity-are silent, there is
need once again for a son of the Old Race who disregards the Pain, overcomes the
Torture, or denies the Death which for twenty centuries is offered to us more often
than is our share; it would need a drop of blood form the Patriarchs and of Moses,
of the Maccabbees from arid Judea, of Jesus, the dreamer by the side of the blue
lake of sweet Galilee, and of Bar Kochba; it would need to drop of the blood that
had escaped from the slaughter, to rise up and say: Look! You who refuse to open
your eyes.

Listen! You whose ears refuse to hear! What have you done with the secrets
of Love and Charity entrusted to you?! To what purpose has served the spilled
streams of our blood?! What are you doing in Life with your lofty words?!

And while a night’s journey from here thousands and thousands of Eng-
ishmen, Canadians, and Australians-all volunteers who have come to fight-
remain inactive, a few Arab dogs and Turkish hyenas are wallowing in a charnel-
house which they create and maintain. And to know that whips would suffice to
drive out all this cowardliness. Alas! The torture of being powerless and disarmed.
The valiant soldiers who would arose a Halleluya of liberation and joy do not
come.. . . But tomorrow an official will come and teach us that the “Hasan”
mosque of Jaffa is sacred and infinitely respectable because . . . a bandit built it
with stones from stolen houses, and that some Muslim wearing an immaculately
white “Lafeh” [gown] is worthy of respect and honor because he keeps well
imprisoned in his harem two Armenians, bought “on the cheap,” or, to use the
words of the Holy Bible, “for a pair of shoes.”

Forgive this tone, lieutenant! The roots of my past are in this country, my
dreams for the future too; . . . I have my whole heart here and it is bleeding and
wailing, forgive me.

And while the accursed German flood the world with their printed lies, their
treachery built into professions of faith . . . , why are you silent?! Silent scorn and
mistrust are fine, but bot Ecclesiastes say: “A time to keep silence, and a time to
peak.” . . . Especially, as honest people, should one not speak out, and is it a
young, rebellious Jew who once again must do it?!

Hat tip Dr. Andrew Bostom’s Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of non-Muslims

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