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Jihadis won Death Care Passed

Posted by avideditor on March 21, 2010

America is now weak. It just passed a corrupt bill that will spread death and corruption. The jihadis win when America is weakened. Today is a dark day for freedom.

HT DR Dilostues

From Holger Awakens 4 Votes…4 Votes Killed Liberty In America

Obama achieves health law success that eluded past

WASHINGTON (AP) – Rarely does the government, that big, clumsy, poorly regarded oaf, pull off anything short of war that touches all lives with one act, one stroke of a president’s pen. Such a moment has come.
After a year of riotous argument, decades of failure and a century of spoiled hopes, the United States is reaching for a system of medical care that extends coverage nearly to all citizens. The change that’s coming will reshape a sixth of the economy and shatter the status quo. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ayn Rand and how the “Robber Barons” are the greatest force of good in their time

Posted by avideditor on March 21, 2010

Listen to Ayn Rand read it herself. HT Phil

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Mujahid Cannibals?! You betcha!

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on March 21, 2010

Philip Daniel


“Al-Shafie said, “One may eat the flesh of a human body. It is not allowed to kill a Muslim nor a free non-Muslim under Muslim rule (because he is useful for the society), nor a prisoner because he belongs to other Muslims. But you may kill an enemy fighter or an adulterer and eat his body.””–al-Qurtubi’s Collection of Qur’an Rules (volume 1)

Imam al-Shafi’e is the founder of the Shafi’i madh’hab of Sunni fiqh, taught at the Oxford University of Sunnidom, al-Azhar Theological Seminary in Cairo.

Umdat as-Salik
, that venerated hornbook of Shari’a law, is Shafi’i madh’hab.

Remember, kuffar are mufsidun (spreaders of fasaad [mischief]) and also “guilty” of fitna (discord which results from kufrul-istihaal [considering what is halal to be haram and vice versa] and kufrul-istibdaal [refusing the sole legislative authority of Allah‘s Shari’a by crafting “man-made” laws contrary to Shari’a]) as kuffar supposedly enjoin al-Munkar (polytheism and “evil stuff”) and forbid al-Ma’ruf (tawhid [Islamic monotheism] and Shari’a) — they do not establish and enforce Islam as the state deen and Shari’a as the absolute law of the land — therefore, they are in a state of rebellion (harb, literally “war”) against Ibadah [the divinely-ordained status of Slavery to Allah via unquestioningly obeying his authoritarian Shari’a to the letter] and therefore against Allah who has in retribution deemed their blood and property mubaa’ (licit for the taking by mujahedin in ghazwat in the course of the fardh-ul kifaya and mustahabb institution of jihad al-talab wa’l-ibtidaa’ [offensive jihad of conquering]) until they either “revert” to al-deenu’l-sayf (the religion of the sword) or purchase aman [protection from a resumption of jihad] and live in humiliation under the dhimma (paying jizya & kharaj and accepting apartheid regulations meant to hasten the material and spiritual decline of the dhimmi and hasten his Islamization) Read the rest of this entry »

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