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Watch out for the trap of the Heath Care vote on Sunday

Posted by avideditor on March 18, 2010

UPDATE: LUCKLY I WAS WRONG. Death care is still pro jihadi. It makes Americans die and furthers the jihadis goal in make America weak, so the Jihadis win. Looking at the 0 count down clock. Maybe the supreme court will throw this bill out.

Watch out for sunday. The libtrads are doing the biggest set up ever. They are trying to destroy the constitution and be as corrupt as possible while destroying the health care in this country. I think it is a set up. Think about it do you think even the libtards are that naive and stupid.  Watch out for the back lash. I hope I am wrong. But I think it is just a set up for a armed misguided person to do something. Make sure you have food for at least a week on sunday. Remember the U2 song Bloody Sunday Again I hope I am wrong and I hope to that this bill is not passed. Just be careful out there.  Just the commies would like nothing better to impose martial law and go after freedom fighters instead of the true enemy the jihadis.

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Rachel Maddow as Vampire AKA Rachel Madcow

Posted by avideditor on March 18, 2010

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Thomas Osborne Davis’ Poem on “The Sack of Baltimore” (in Ireland) by Maritime Mujahedin [the Barbary Pirates] on June 20th 1631

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on March 18, 2010

Philip Daniel


The Sack of Baltimore

Thomas Osborne Davis (1814–45)

THE SUMMER sun is falling soft on Carbery’s hundred isles,
The summer sun is gleaming still through Gabriel’s rough defiles;
Old Innisherkin’s crumbled fane looks like a moulting bird,
And in a calm and sleepy swell the ocean tide is heard:
The hookers lie upon the beach; the children cease their play; 5
The gossips leave the little inn; the households kneel to pray;
And full of love, and peace, and rest, its daily labor o’er,
Upon that cosy creek there lay the town of Baltimore.

A deeper rest, a starry trance, has come with midnight there;
No sound, except that throbbing wave, in earth, or sea, or air! 10
The massive capes and ruin’d towers seem conscious of the calm;
The fibrous sod and stunted trees are breathing heavy balm.
So still the night, these two long barques round Dunashad that glide
Must trust their oars, methinks not few, against the ebbing tide.
Oh, some sweet mission of true love must urge them to the shore! 15
They bring some lover to his bride who sighs in Baltimore.

All, all asleep within each roof along that rocky street,
And these must be the lover’s friends, with gently gliding feet—
A stifled gasp, a dreamy noise! “The roof is in a flame!”
From out their beds and to their doors rush maid and sire and dame, 20
And meet upon the threshold stone the gleaming sabre’s fall,
And o’er each black and bearded face the white or crimson shawl.
The yell of “Allah!” breaks above the prayer, and shriek, and roar:
O blessed God! the Algerine is lord of Baltimore!

Then flung the youth his naked hand against the shearing sword; 25
Then sprung the mother on the brand with which her son was gor’d;
Then sunk the grandsire on the floor, his grand-babes clutching wild;
Then fled the maiden moaning faint, and nestled with the child:
But see! yon pirate strangled lies, and crush’d with splashing heel,
While o’er him in an Irish hand there sweeps his Syrian steel: 30
Though virtue sink, and courage fail, and misers yield their store,
There ’s one hearth well avenged in the sack of Baltimore. Read the rest of this entry »

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