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Bill Warner’s Lectures on Political Islam

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on March 11, 2010

Philip Daniel


Scholar of Islamic totalitarianism Bill Warner’s invaluable lectures can be accessed here.

“The World Trade Towers were chosen as a target for two reasons. The first reason was [because] it was a trade center, a business center. It was the hope of al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden that destroying the World Trade Towers would paralyze the American economy — because, you see, Jihad, wherever possible, is an economic attack. Muhammad’s attacks on the caravans was to gain wealth for himself and to remove wealth from the kaffirs. When he attacked cities, he would destroy the plantations, the farms outside the city. It was an economic warfare, and 9/11 was an economic attack. Now, the second reason that The World Trade Towers were attacked was that Zawahiri, seemingly the key planner, was told that there were a lot of Jews there; this, again, was just like Muhammad, because Muhammad persecuted the Jews of Medina and Khaybar and Fadak. So, killing Jews in Jihad was what Muhammad did. Another way that 9/11 was modeled after Muhammad’s actions is this: the men who did it were immigrants to this country and Muhammad did not take up Jihad until he too was an immigrant because, you see, he was driven from Mecca and when he moved to Medina, he called that his emigration. How important is this emigration? Well, Islamic time starts when he entered Medina; when Jihad was first started was with immigrants. The reason why all Islamic calendars start with that time — not with Muhammad’s first revelation, which might seem to be the “time zero” for Islam — “time zero” is chosen because of emigration which was the beginning of Muhammad as a politician and a warrior. Another way this is modeled after Muhammad was it was a sneak attack. Muhammad’s attacks were always sneak attacks wherever possible. So, on 9/11, when we woke up to terror and fire, it was just like Muhammad would’ve done it. This may seem trivial, but those who were attacked were kaffirs, and Jihad is always against the kaffir — again, just like Muhammad. Another way that the attack on The World Trade Towers was modeled on Muhammad was this — it violated the rules of war. One of the reasons that Muhammad always beat the Arabs was this — they kept thinking that he would play by the rules; after all, before Muhammad, there were established rules of war. But when Muhammad developed Jihad, he threw out all the rules. Brother would kill brother, father would kill son, tribe member would go to war against another tribe member. This violated all the rules of Arab war; but, Muhammad knew how to win, and that was to violate the rules. Another way that September 11th was very Islamic was [that] there was no shame or remorse inside of the Islamic community…there was no remorse over 3,000 dead kaffirs, because there’s nowhere in Muhammad’s life did he ever express the slightest remorse over the death of a kaffir; indeed, we have records in which he laughed and cheered when kaffirs died. And, we found that here in America there were Muslims out on the street cheering — just like Muhammad…Islam is a political unit, and that’s the only thing that is important to us, not the religion, but its politics. September 11th was a political attack with religious motivation — yes, but it was a political attack. Another way that September 11th was modeled after Muhammad is this: we were called to Islam before the attack, and that was Muhammad’s way also. Osama bin Laden issued a videotape in which he condemned America and then called America to Islam. If America had come to Islam — I guess in this case if George Bush had become a Muslim — then there would not have been an attack. The call to Islam was issued first, and this is in exact obeiance (sic; obeisance) to Muhammad’s perfect Jihad. Another way that September 11th was pure Muhammad was this — it was a “defensive” attack. That’s right, it was a “defensive” attack; all Jihad is “defensive” because the kaffir creates the first offense by denying Muhammad. The kaffir has already offended Allah; so, therefore, what follows after being offended is “defensive” attack. If it were not for the kaffir, there would be no Jihad, which brings us to something that we need to know — Jihad is incumbent upon all Muslims and Jihad is eternal. Jihad is not to cease until the last kaffir is off the face of the Earth. Now, this has important implications, because there are many people, many people in the media, religious groups, in government, who think: “you know, if we treat Muslims right, the Jihad will stop.” Well, it doesn’t work that way; as long as there are kaffirs, there will be Jihad. Soon after 9/11, Islam launched a counter-attack in the form of the attack of the kaffir as “crusaders”. Now, the Crusades are portrayed by Islam in somewhat the same vein as Auschwitz — that is, it was the “greatest evil” by the kaffir. But, you need to understand the Crusades before you feel embarrassed about them. Why were the Crusaders going to an Arab Muslim Middle East, and who were they helping, and why did the Christians cry out for help — because that’s how it all started. It wasn’t a bunch of Europeans who saddled up their horses and went over just to kill Muslims. They went over there in a response as a plea for help because the suffering of the Christians in the Middle East was too great to bear. We also have to remember how Islam came there. Islam came to Jerusalem and the Middle East with a sword, the sword wielded by ‘Umar, the 2nd Caliph. There was great destruction; so, indeed, the Crusades are one of a few times when a kaffir turned to help another kaffir when they’re attacked by Jihad.”– Bill Warner of “The Center for the Study of Political Islam”, Lecture Four: Jihad

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