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Video on how the PLO came from the Nazis

Posted by avideditor on March 10, 2010

his article


4 Responses to “Video on how the PLO came from the Nazis”

  1. truth seea said

    this is a perfect example of unfounded zionist propoganda. eat a dick u illuminati-bred fuckfaces

    • westerncivisheretostay said

      I’m not a Zionist…I’m merely anti-Arab Imperialism…which means I support ending the Arab occupation of Amazgha (Berber North Africa), Coptic Egypt, Maronite Lebanon, Kurdistan, Assyro-Chaldean Syria, black Sudan, and yes — Jewish Israel & Judea and Samaritan Samaria. If Arabs want statehood, let it be limited to the Arabian peninsula — Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, the Gulf States — and forbid them from continuing to oppress the indigenous peoples of the Maghreb, Egypt, Levant, Mesopotamia, and Kurdistan.

      • westerncivisheretostay said

        Also — “As a murderer, this man ranks with the great killers of history. As an enemy of the United Nations, he was surpassed only by Hitler. In the evil of his intentions, the Mufti [Hajj Amin al-Husseini] equalled Hitler.”

        That was Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Edgar Ansel Mowrer, a progressive who was not a Zionist.

  2. elyakatz said


    Al-Husseini was not ashamed of his connection to the Nazis. The documentation is there for the world to see, much of it complete with his own signature.

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