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CORRECTION: Genocidal Imperialist Al-Qaeda Operative ABU YAHYA MUJAHIDEEN AL-ADH’DHAM Has Been Taken Into Custody in Pakistan!

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on March 7, 2010

Philip Daniel


Genocidal Imperialist Al-Qaeda Operative Abu Yahya Mujahdeen Al-Adh’dham Has Been Taken Into Custody in Pakistan!

Hat tip to


at the blogmocracy.

Second Tip of the Hat to Robert Spencer @ JihadWatch.

Send the sonofabitch ghazi to his 72 ‘aynhour, 28 ghilman and 80,000 abid as soon as possible!

I’d frankly like to see this sub-human mujahed killed in much the same way as Rasul’allah (torrents of camel piss be upon him) tortured and murdered the Jewish Beni Nadir chieftain of Khaybar, Kinana bin al-’Rabi (in 628 AD/AH 6), all in order to loot the wealth of the Beni Nadir and to take Kinana‘s new bride Safiyyah bint Huyyay (whose father had been decapitated during the ghazwa against the Beni Qurayza a year earlier) as a zawaj (wife, literally “prostitute”).

Burn the Islamo-Nazi’s flesh on his chest with heated iron, then behead him. Humiliate him — make him die in the manner that his kind has zealously and ruthlessly and continuously and unapologetically and genocidally tortured and mutilated and killed hundreds of millions of innocent so-called kuffar and mushrikun and ahl al-kitab and munafiqun and murtaddun and moharebin and zanadiqa and zalimun and mufsidun for more than a millennium in the spirit of the totalitarian dictates of the Qur’an and Sunna and Tafsirun and Shari’a in order to establish and “make prevail” their horrid medieval inhuman animalistic deen over the entire inhabited world.

Cruel and unusual punishment, you say, violating the 8th Amendment? I may worship the Constitution, but when it comes to mass-murderous “reverts to the Deen of Unspoilt Nature” who seek the resumption of the Khalifat and the subjugation and Shari’a-fication of the Dar al-Ghasab and Dar al-Harb under al-sayyaf…need I say more?

Give him a taste of his own medicine. Give him his just desserts.

One Response to “CORRECTION: Genocidal Imperialist Al-Qaeda Operative ABU YAHYA MUJAHIDEEN AL-ADH’DHAM Has Been Taken Into Custody in Pakistan!”

  1. yochanan ben avrohom said

    rope, tree, traitor some assemble required


    more of the same

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