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“TERRORISM: ALGERIA, ATTACK AGAINST POLICE BARRACKS IN KABYLE” And Why The Movement for An Independent Kabylie Should Garner Our Support

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on March 2, 2010

Philip Daniel


The Kabyles, an indigenous Berber group in northern Algeria who continue to strive to receive autonomy or possibly independence from what they (rightly) perceive as a Muhammadan-Arab imperialist yoke emanating from the Algiers government (a despotic occupation having lasted already more than 13 centuries, resulting in cultural [if not physical] genocide of the aboriginal Amazigh, with a break only from the-mid-19th–mid 20th centuries during the period of modernizing French suzerainty), are targeted by mujahedin (such as “Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb“, whose penultimate goal is the re-Islamization of al-Andalus aka the Iberian Peninsula) who openly renounce the Kabyles and other Berbers who refuse Arabization and reject the Shari’a as murtaddun whom the Ummat al-Muslimin are obligated to punish at the point of al-sayyaf in order to extirpate shirk and protect the Jama’ah from fitnah.


(ANSAmed) – ALGIERS, MARCH 2 – This morning an armed Islamic group attacked a criminal investigation police barracks in Tigzirt in the Kabyle region in Algeria. The attack, wrote El Watan online, was repelled by the officers, but at least two men were injured. Immediately afterwards, a roundup was carried out by the army in the region. The armed group affiliated with al Qaeda for the Islamic Maghreb is reportedly currently surrounded by security forces in the Hagga forest about 100km east of Algiers. (ANSAmed).
2010-03-02 15:18

It is imperative that we lend our support to the secular Kabyles (whose independence movement began to gain traction in the Berber Spring of the ’80s), genuine victims of a campaign of Arabization, of an OIC-member-government which de jure and de facto unjustly discriminates against them and refuses them any degree of self-determination in their native land, and of fairly-frequent ghazwat at the hands of murabitun organizations for which the Algiers government bears some degree of complicity due to its relative silence (its lack of punitive action).

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  2. keefe said

    Think any of these guys will be called as witness in trial?

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