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A Saudi Alim Claims The Ummat al-Muslimin Is Not Attuned Enough With The Fardh Kifaya of Jihad at-Talab!

Posted by westerncivisheretostay on February 27, 2010

Philip Daniel


This Saudi alim casts off the obfuscating veil of taqiyya and kithman, and lays it out on the line — asserting Islam’s intrinsic belligerency and its undying goal to subdue the world via al-sayyaf and impose its Shari’a to the displeasure of the kuffar. He vehemently excoriates the present generation of the Jama’ah for their lack of zealotry in the realm of Jihad and ghazwat, and pleads for a “renaissance” within academia and media et al in the study and practice of holy war in order to make Allah‘s Shari’a prevail over kufr and shirk.

A nation of qatila…of killing…

Such a nation is a perpetual threat…such a nation is the Ummat al-Muslimin

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