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Support for Israel in U.S. at 63%, Near Record High

Posted by avideditor on February 24, 2010

PRINCETON, NJ — For the first time since 1991, more than 6 in 10 Americans — 63% — say their sympathies in the Middle East situation lie more with the Israelis than with the Palestinians. Fifteen percent side more with the Palestinians, down slightly from recent years, while a combined 23% favor both sides, favor neither side, or have no opinion.

Read the rest here Support for Israel in U.S. at 63%, Near Record High HT Rodan

Why do so many people dare to support the jihadis ?

2 Responses to “Support for Israel in U.S. at 63%, Near Record High”

  1. Andrew Love said

    I wonder why ? We hear of barely any of the wrongdoings/injustuces that Israel commits because our media is Pro-Israel and the truth is undeniably suppressed just like the Arabs (both Christians & Muslims alike)are oppressed. If their wicked ways were exposed in full that would dramatically decrease that absurd percentange.

    • avideditor said

      What injusticies are you talking about. Ya it is absurd only 63 % agree. I guess to get the other 47% we need to expose the pali myth and the jihadis for the insane genocidal women haters they are.

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