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Are you still being Spammed by McLaim?

Posted by avideditor on February 24, 2010

I told them tree times to take me off the list but I still got a email 😦 Look at McLaims new attack on J.D. Hayworth. Why did he not attack 0 like this? I am so sick of the Progressives.

One Response to “Are you still being Spammed by McLaim?”

  1. whitneymuse said

    McCain’s inability to stand and campaign against Obama resulted in Obama as POTUS; now we still have McCain and I was one of the first to make a contribution to JD Hayworth when he declared his US Senate candidacy; McCain’s got all the Washington crowd trying to help him out; he’s even got Kyl running interference for him, something I never thought he’d stoop, but then Jon Kyl supported amnesty I believe. For me, I saw the class Bob Dole who retired and gave up his leadership position rather than covolute his leadership position with attempting to run for president too.

    McCain’s ego wouldn’t let him do that and that messes what we have now. Good bye McCain.

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