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How did Ron Paul cheat on the straw pool in CPAC?

Posted by avideditor on February 20, 2010

Ron Paul I guess is semi sane on domestic policies. But he is insane on Foreign policies. He thinks the jihadis do not want to destroy us and is a big anti Semite.I do not think a large percent of CPAC supports that nut.  So why did he win. I think he cheated. Just wondering how. I heard less than half the people voted. But still I guess a Ron Paul nut or two made some fake ballots. Anyone have an inside story on this?

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Charles Johnson at LGF compares Glenn Beck giving the CPAC speech to Hitler

Posted by avideditor on February 20, 2010

Update: A vid of Code Pink trying to sneak in to ruin Beck’s speech at CPAC.

Beck gave a great speech tonight at CPAC. Watch it here if you missed it.

The once anti Jihadi now possible junkie. Said this

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