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The “Vaɪkɪŋ” are Back

Posted by Glezele Vayne on February 15, 2010


By stealth they arrived. Under cover of night, they pounced. They hacked their way into unsuspecting homes. The once sleepy village, who had heard of these dreadful pirates, plunderers — saw their prized possessions, their women and children violated and dragged off. If they lived, they didn’t live to see their loved ones again.

1,100 years ago, people shuddered at the thought of them. They are much more sophisticated these days. And they don’t arrive by snekkje anymore.

“If you remember the Oslo ‘Peace’ Process, you may have wondered: Why Oslo? ….

“…Because the innocent appearance … of a harmless little country, … populated by a peace-loving Nordic people with a benevolent attitude towards humankind…”

From Dr. Francisco Gil-White’s article, Norwegian international “mediation”: How does it work?

The Norwegians have found it more profitable to plunder via “diplomacy” these days. A squeaky clean persona, “neutral diplomacy”, these are the new forms of stealth warfare, stealth plunder. The Norwegians have pimped themselves to NATO which has succeeded not in bringing their much touted “peace” to Kosovo. On the contrary, Kosovo is now the human and drug trafficking capital of Europe. UN troops use the services of the many stolen, drugged up, young sex-slaves with impunity. It’s one of the perks for mercenaries….

“… the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army — Ellie Katz) are being turned by the UN into the official — UN sanctioned — monopoly of power, which is convenient for the many UN personnel whom Junger says regularly patronize the KLA’s Kosovo brothels … the slave-trafficking KLA is everywhere in power.”

From Dr. Francisco Gil-White’s article To see where Israel is headed, visit Kosovo under the chapter entitled “The Kosovo trade in female slaves”.

There is a hideous underbelly to this world of ours which you or I have yet to imagine.

Yugoslavia. Ukraine. Georgia. Belorus. Nicaragua. El Salvador. Sri Lanka. NATO. Nobel Peace Prizes. Yasir Arafat. (!?!) Barack Obama (!!!) Norway. CIA operatives. Islamofascists.

Pay attention.

U.S. Campaign Behind the Turmoil in Kiev by Dr. Francisco Gil-White

What really happened in Bosnia? by Dr. Francisco Gil-White

To see where Israel is headed, visit Kosovo by Dr. Francisco Gil-White

The Oslo War Process by Dr. Francisco Gil-White

“… suppose you found evidence of direct, indirect, or covert government ties …. Would you conclude it was a covert branch of government?

“Now, if Norwegian diplomats are manipulated by organizations that are covertly governmental, then they are not doing neutral ‘peacemaking diplomacy’…”

From Dr. Francisco Gil-White’s article, Norwegian international “mediation”: How does it work?

Judgment! 1/3 – The Bosnian ‘Death Camp’ Accusation: An Expose

Judgment! 2/3 – The Bosnian ‘Death Camp’ Accusation: An Expose

Judgment! 3/3 – The Bosnian ‘Death Camp’ Accusation: An Expose

“Norwegians use their international diplomacy to beg for the attention of NATO countries? Well, beggars must be ingratiating.

“…if the US-led Empire has ulterior motives in any particular conflict in which Norway is diplomatically deployed, then so does Norway.

“… Norway’s appearance of neutrality and harmlessness makes if hard for most ordinary people to ‘suspect ulterior motives,’….”

From Dr. Francisco Gil-White’s article, Norwegian international “mediation”: How does it work?

To me, the most grievous part of this tragedy is the role the Jewish leaders of America played. Again, I can’t say it better than Dr. Francisco Gil-White:

“James Harff (the director of Ruder Finn Global Public Affairs) at that time, don’t know about now) explains, “We outwitted three big Jewish organizations….’ ‘We won by targeting the Jewish audience….’ .

“… Harff is saying that his job was to fool the Jewish community with lies into supporting antisemites…

“One of the continuing tragedies here is that most ordinary American Jews still don’t know how the forces of the US-led empire used their name to provide cover for a revived fascism in Europe….

“… the leadership in Israel did take notice of what was going on, and did support the Serbs — that is, until the United States forced them to back down.

“… Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) published an article by a Serb, Petar Makara … who is one of the best-known defenders of the Serbs, worldwide …He expressed great sympathy for the suffering of the Jews at the hands of Yasser Arafat. This is a hopeful sign that the imperial strategy of trying to divide Serbs and Jews with lies will fail. It is also a hopeful sign that Israeli Jews will wake up and realize that the United States ruling elite is not their ally, something that in fact is quite easy to document. — emphasis Ellie Katz.

From Dr. Francisco Gil-White’s article What really happened in Bosnia?, the chapter entitled “How were the accusations of war crimes against the Serbs manufactured?”

To read the article cited in the quotation above, which was published on 11/19/04, see Serbian Condolences for the Life of Arafat at Arutz Sheva, by Petar Markara.

“Resistance to the US-led empire requires a restored unity between Jews and Serbs, the traditional enemies and victims of fascism … Ruder Finn’s public relations campaign … was designed to hit the Serbs where it hurt the most — to make them feel betrayed by those whose lives they had bravely and honorably died protecting in World War II.”

From Dr. Francisco Gil-White’s article What really happened in Bosnia?, the chapter entitled “How were the accusations of war crimes against the Serbs manufactured?”

So, why did I spend over a week of free time reading about the history of the conflicts in former Yugoslavia and the Serbian people, and then spend hours putting this piece together?

First, in order to do teshuvah. Until now, I knew very little about Yugoslavia or the Serbian people and their valiant history. It has been suppressed by evil men. Part of my teshuvah is to do my bit to help get the word out.

Second, I am deeply concerned about the future of Israel, though I know, ultimately, HKB”H has decreed that Israel has a glorious future. I hope for minimum turbulence during the ride and until our arrival. We’ve experienced enough bumps and bruises already. For now, Israel is one of the nations next on the NATO chopping block.

Third, I am even more concerned about America. The US government is the most powerful member nation  of NATO. According to what I’ve read, our government is guilty of war crimes where Yugoslavia, and possibly other nations are concerned. I don’t think HKB”H is going to ignore that.


If you see a Norwegian diplomat working on a “peace process” anywhere in your vicinity…duck! Ethnic cleansing and civil war is about to explode, the perps will be portrayed as victims and the victims will be charged with genocide and extradited to The Hague, never to be seen or heard from again.

We need to understand the pattern. It’s very consistent, and once you see it, you will do a V8 slap and wonder how it could have evaded your notice all this time. I wonder how Bibi sleeps at night. I mean, didn’t he see what happened to Milosovic? (chas v’shalom)

NATO has no friends.

For more information on the history of the Serbian people, I recommend the following sites:

Historical & Investigative Research

The Emporer’s New Clothes

The Serbian Network

From Glezele Vayne

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