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Posted by avideditor on February 12, 2010

The jihadi and the jihadi loving commies have reached into costume theatre that is beyond absurd. The best comment from the story by mr2b 2p ” Good idea, palestenians! Now just hop on your dragon-like flying creatures and attack the IDF!!!!  Sometimes I don’t know how Israel deals…… ”

JERUSALEM (AP) – Palestinian protesters have added a colorful twist to demonstrations against Israel’s separation barrier, painting themselves blue and posing as characters from the hit film “Avatar.”

The demonstrators also donned long hair and loincloths Friday for the weekly protest against the barrier near the village of Bilin.

They equated their struggle to the intergalactic one portrayed in the film.

Israel says the barrier is needed for its security. Palestinians consider it a land grab.

The protests have become a symbol of opposition. They often end in clashes with Israeli security forces involving stones and tear gas.

The “Avatar” protest comes a day after the Israeli government began rerouting the enclosure to eat up less of the Palestinian village. from here

One Response to “Avatards!”

  1. DJM said

    I thought they were smurfs…

    Oh well, haven’t seen Avatar yet.

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