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Robert Spencer on how Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are not good for the Anti-Jihad movement

Posted by avideditor on February 9, 2010

6 Responses to “Robert Spencer on how Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are not good for the Anti-Jihad movement”

  1. avideditor said

    Accuracy in Media (AIM) is urging a full inquiry into a report that a Saudi billionaire caused the Fox News Channel (FNC) to dramatically alter its coverage of the Muslim riots in France after he called the network to complain. The Saudi billionaire, Al-waleed bin Talal, is a friend of News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch and controls an influential number of voting shares in the company. “This report underscores the danger of giving foreign interests a significant financial stake in U.S. media companies,” declared Cliff Kincaid, editor of Accuracy in Media. The controversial comments came at an Arab media conference featuring representatives of Time magazine, USA Today, PBS, The Wall Street Journal, and other news organizations. http://www.aim.org/press-release/saudi-billionaire-boasts-of-manipulating-fox-news-coverage/ ” Anon member of table 9

    • elyakatz said


      I don’t think it’s a good idea to give foreign interest significant financial stakes in any US corporations, property etc. I think Israel should follow suite. I have no idea what the financial implications would be to such a policy, but I don’t see our current way of doing things as particularly helpful. Is this the guy who is personal friends with former President Bush?? I did a bit of research on a Bin Talal. He owns a huge mansion in Colorado, and is in real tight with the Bush family.

  2. DJM said

    When was this recorded? I’ve heard Hannity speak out specifically against radical Islam, and, while I’m not a Beck fan, I’ve heard him mention islam as it relates to terrorism.

    Perhaps if this clip is several years old, Spencer may be correct, but in recent months, I believe Hannity and Beck have been more outspoken against radical islam than most.

    I wonder if the issue Mr. Spencer has is the absolute reluctance of the mainstream media to link *Islam* with terrorism, as opposed to *radical Islam*?

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