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Criticizing Obama Supports Terrorism

Posted by DJM on February 9, 2010

…the ones who aren’t Racists, Rightwing Extremists, or simply “un-American” citizens, of course.

The rest just dislike the Obamessiah only because they support terrorists:

In an oped in USA Today, John Brennan — Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism — responds to critics of the Obama administration’s counterterrorism policies by saying “Politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering only serve the goals of al-Qaeda.”

So, it appears America is made up of the following:

1) Racists

2) Rightwing Extremists (this category includes Teabag Partiers and Veterans)

3) Un-Patriotic citizens

4) Terrorist supporters


5) Obama supporters

So, which are you?

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How Many Liberals Does It Take To Debate Pam Geller?

Posted by DJM on February 9, 2010

Trick question! Liberals don’t know how to debate!

But it took three to avoid addressing any real issues about Sarah Palin. Although Pam Geller raised valid issues, the best Joy Behar, Ron Reagan, and Stephanie Miller could do was hurl petty, childish insults at Sarah Palin and make cliterectomy jokes at the expense of suffering women.

See for yourself:

Pam still kept her cool and, in spite of the gang up against her, managed to expose even more liberal hypocrisy and venom.

Read more at Atlas Shrugs.

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Captan America is used to portray the Tea Party movement as Dangerous and Racist

Posted by avideditor on February 9, 2010


Tea Party Jab to Be Zapped From Captain America Comic, Writer Says

The commie libtards have highjacked the symbol of freedom to promote their lies about modern day freedom fighters

Marvel Comic’s Captain America is the mightiest soldier with the super powerful secret soldier formula that makes him a super man. Sadly, this muscle bound hero that took on the whole Nazi army during WWII seems to be afraid of those American people who’ve joined the Tea Party movement. Not only is Cappy quaking in his little red booties, but he’s sure that the Tea Party folks are dangerous racists, too. Read the rest.

The jihadi loving libtards are perverting Captan America to show people standing up for liberty as being evil. The progressives have killed million of people so far and intend to kill way more. It seems they are transforming old symbols of liberty into tyrannical propaganda.

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Robert Spencer on how Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are not good for the Anti-Jihad movement

Posted by avideditor on February 9, 2010

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