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Anti Jew OBAMA uses Teleprompters at a school

Posted by avideditor on January 25, 2010


Does Obama really need two telepromters to spread his socialist hate to children?

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Is Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs a Junkie? Video proof

Posted by avideditor on January 23, 2010

link to video with sound 😉


Read what Atlas Shrugs wrote

Or my pervious post

Who is the bigger Junky CJ or Irish Rose? Or are they junkies at all?

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Google Toilet

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 23, 2010


Hat tip: Tamar Yonah of Israel National Radio

From Glezele Vayne

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Boycott Israel

Posted by DJM on January 23, 2010

As a public service for any anti-Semitic readers, I’ve decided to post this video to help you boycott Israeli products.

Mazel tov!

(Cross-posted at SnappedShot.com and Al Salibiyyah)

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Sickness Of The Left

Posted by DJM on January 22, 2010

This post is almost too vile to publish.

Jack Cafferty of CNN.com posted an editorial about a 13-year-old Saudi girl sentenced to 90 lashes for carrying a cell phone to school. The punishment is harsher than many Saudi thieves receive. She could very well die during the lashing.

The editorial goes on to point out how women are often treated as second-class citizens, with few rights.

Cafferty asks readers to respond to this question: What does it say when America’s ally Saudi Arabia sentences a 13-year-old girl to 90 lashes after bringing a cell phone to school?

The story is disturbing enough. But even more so, are the responses of CNN readers, most who live in America – the one country that rightfully condemns human rights abuses – more than any other.

Some response examples:

“We should respect the cultures of other countries as well as the rules of the school Both of which come above all else.” – Mehra

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Geert Wilders Speech on the freedom of speech English Translation

Posted by avideditor on January 21, 2010

Here is the transcript I found here. HT Wild

Wilders: Mister Speaker, judges of the court,

I would like to make use of my right to speak for a few minutes.

Freedom is the most precious of all our attainments and the most vulnerable. People have devoted their lives to it and given their lives for it. Our freedom in this country is the outcome of centuries. It is the consequence of a history that knows no equal and has brought us to where we are now. Read the rest of this entry »

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Freedom Of Speech On Trial

Posted by DJM on January 20, 2010

Today, the freedom of speech is on trial in the Netherlands. The outcome will affect us all. As Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs writes:

On the 20th of January the trial against Wilders, and western civilization, will begin. It is quite likely that Wilders will go to jail for speaking the truth. Criminalizing free speech. If Wilders can be sent to jail for “hate speech”, I can be sent to jail. If I can be sent to jail, you can be sent to jail.

This is not about Wilders. It is about our very way of life, our civilization and our unalienable rights. It is ironic to me that his trial begins on the first anniversary of the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama, an opponent of American rule of law. Obama was the first President to co-sponsor a UN resolution criminalizing free speech. And while the media failed, yet again, to cover this historic development, it is, in a word, cataclysmic.

(Emphasis Pam’s)

Atlas Shrugs also has live coverage.

View Fitna, the short film that started it all. Download it, save it, share it.

(Image by Bosch)

(Cross-posted at SnappedShot.com and Al Salibiyyah)

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Is Matthews a relative of Karl Marx or just of his ideology? The commie who had a thrill up his leg for Obama said he is a commie openly tonight VIDEO

Posted by avideditor on January 19, 2010

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Jerusalem Vice Mayor: One Law for All – Raze EU Building

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 19, 2010


Now here’s the plucky Israel I grew to know and love! Nice to see you sweetheart … where you been? — Ellie Katz

by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) Jerusalem Deputy Mayor David Hadari says that if the authorities are so bent on razing the Jewish-populated Beit Yehonatan in the eastern Jerusalem “Yemenite Village” neighborhood, they must also demolish another illegal building: The European Union’s Beit Europa.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat appeared at a Knesset Law Committee session last week, and presented his housing plans for eastern Jerusalem. In the knowledge that there are dozens, and possibly hundreds, of illegally-built Arab buildings there, and that destroying all of them is not feasible, Barkat wishes to retroactively permit buildings there to reach four stories high, instead of the currently mandated two.

Most of the buildings in question are Arab-populated, but one of them is none other than Beit Europa, used by the European Union for various activities.

This raises a red flag for people like Hadari, who is concerned about the ongoing legal proceedings against the Jewish-owned Beit Yehonatan. The building stands six stories high, and because the authorities are unable to find the owner, they are seeking to evict the families.

Named for Jonathan Pollard, Beit Yehonatan stands in the area of the Yemenite Village, below and just to the southeast of the Temple Mount. The area was owned by and home to many Jewish families, mostly from Yemen, from the 1880’s until 1938.  On Aug. 11, 1938, following a long period of Arab riots, pogroms and looting, the British evacuated the last 30 families from the neighborhood. “The British gave assurances that the ‘Jewish refugees’ would shortly return,” according to Daniel Lurie, Executive Director of the Ateret Cohanim Jerusalem Settlement Foundation, “but of course, this never happened”- until April 2004, when several Jewish families moved back in.

Click here to continue reading…

From Glezele Vayne

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George Galloway, Narcissism and Viva Palestina

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 18, 2010


WARNING: Parts of this post are R-rated. I believe this is necessary to get a more complete understanding of the nature of the Jewish people’s enemy, and indeed, the enemy of the civilized world.

Truly, our Sages of blessed memory understood why Jew hatred exists. There are many in this world who hate restrictions of any sort being placed on them. The Torah is about separating the holy from the profane, and about teaching G-d’s children restraint, self-control, morality.

The Jewish people are His representatives on Earth. Thus, we are a continual, vexing reminder to those who want no boundaries, no restrictions, that we are all accountable to HKB”H. Hitler openly admitted this to be his chief reason for wanting to destroy the Jewish people.

“Conscience is a Jewish invention. It is a blemish, like circumcision.” — The Voice of Destruction by Herman Rauschning pg 223.

Hat tip: Hashkafah.com “Why Hitler Hated Jews”.

Lee Kaplan of Stop the ISM and Steven Emerson of The Investigative Project on Terrorism have done some digging on the doings of British MP George Galloway.

IPT Report Documents Viva Palestina’s Hamas Support


“Its two previous trips saw the group deliver medical supplies, ambulances and other goods. They also included meetings with senior Hamas officials. In March, Viva Palestina’s leader, British MP George Galloway, defiantly handed a bag of cash directly to a Hamas minister.”

The above link includes important information, such as a MEMRI link to a video where Galloway admits raising money for Hamas and smuggling it into the Gaza Strip, and a 32 page pdf file on the unsavory facts surrounding Galloway;’s pet project “Viva Palestina”.

Orlando Mosque Funds Hamas via George “Catman” Galloway

Really weird in an enlightening sort of way. I am noticing a pattern among many Jew haters.

Hitler reportedly was aroused sexually by women urinating on him. Most of the SS top officers suffered with various forms of sexual deviancy, homosexuality (the hypermasculine variety) pederasty etc.  For more information read The Pink Swastika.

These folks aren’t going to last long should they succeed in achieving their dream of a worldwide caliphate and sharia now, are they.

In the following video, I don’t personally endorse many of the photos depicting Mr. Galloway as a vampire etc. He does enough to discredit himself on his own (see first video) without having to add these false depictions. If I find the same audio of Aaron Klein interviewing Galloway without all the “extra” this video offers, I will replace this one.

The Wall Street Journal on Being George Galloway

“But then, this is what it is to be George Galloway: He’s a scold of the perceived moral compromises of others who does not hesitate to make moral compromises of his own; a self-professed crusader for democracy who rarely bothers to vote in Parliament; a champion for the dispossessed who does not hesitate to cozy up to tyrants when it suits his purposes. Reconciling these paradoxes isn’t difficult to do, since when it comes to Mr. Galloway, all of his crusades are about nothing except the glorification of himself, regardless of the costs to others.”

From Glezele Vayne

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Sabbath in Haiti

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 16, 2010


Ellie’s sidenote: I don’t usually include the comments from Arutz Sheva articles I repost here (with permission and according to Arutz Sheva guidelines). But this one comment was so poignant, I just can’t resist: Read the rest of this entry »

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Discrediting Mr. Walid Shoebat

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 12, 2010


I noticed I have had another visit from Dawud Walid. Long time no see Mr. Walid.

So, I checked out one of his latest posts. He’s doing his level best to call into doubt the life story of  Mr. Walid Shoebat as he tells it. I read some of the links to a Jerusalem Post Online article by a Jorge Luyken, as well as few pieces here and there. I will be commenting on it as soon as I can put something together. Read the rest of this entry »

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Back from CES

Posted by avideditor on January 10, 2010

I have two digits for you 3D

Anyone know how to get 90% off Panasonic stuff?

the camera

the TV

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Michael Scheuer, UBL CIA Station Chief, Jihadi Infiltrator or – gasp – Liberty Forest Member???

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 10, 2010


Hat tip: Nissan Ratzlav-Katz of Arutz Sheva and Elder of Ziyon

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Egypt kicks Galloway’s ass out

Posted by avideditor on January 9, 2010

Egypt kicks Galloway’s ass out: “

Egypt has declared renegade British politician George Galloway persona non grata, accusing him of incitement after his harsh criticism of Cairo over delays in an aid convoy’s entry into Gaza.

I think this illustration will be appropriate for the case:

The reason, however, for the ‘renegade British politician’ being kicked out is less funny.

An Egyptian border guard was killed and at least a dozen Palestinians wounded in a shooting scuffle along the Gaza Strip border. One official said Wednesday that the border guard was shot dead by a Palestinian sniper while Gazan youths hurled stones across the border at the Egyptian security forces. Egyptian forces opened fire on Palestinians who were pelting them with rocks from the other side of the border over frustration that an aid convoy had been delayed.

It is clear that upon return to his captive British audience, GG, this sorry excuse for a human being, will blame Zionists for all that happened near the border. His rabble-rousing and incessant provocations are not to blame for this death, of course.

And here is another news item, not unrelated to the disgusting subject of this post:

B’nai Brith Canada has condemned the Al-Ameen Post, an Islamic community newspaper, which recently ran an article accusing Jews of bringing into Israel ‘some 25,000 Ukrainian children’ in order to harvest their organs.

The article was reprinted in its entirety from Press TV, the official mouthpiece of the terrorist-sponsoring Iranian regime. According to Al-Ameen’s website, its editorial board members are also the members of the British Columbia Muslim Association Executive Board.

Why is this not unrelated? Because Iranian Press TV is one of the favorite feeding troughs of GG the Spiv, where he is actively encouraged by his hosts to spew his hateful propaganda weekly.

Enough, even a mention of this character smells somewhat awful…

(Via .)

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Ball bomber said there is a plot involving 20 more Jihadis

Posted by avideditor on January 9, 2010

The Nigerian man suspected of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day told investigators after his arrest that close to 20 other young Muslim men were being trained in Yemen to blow up airliners, CBS News reports.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s claim that others were being prepared to use the same technique on jets reportedly was confirmed by British intelligence. Read the rest of this entry »

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There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See – John Heywood 1546

Posted by Glezele Vayne on January 7, 2010


Arab Shouts ‘Kill Jews’ on Miami Plane

by Gil Ronen at Israel National News

A few excerpts…

“An Arab airline passenger in Miami shouted “I want to kill all the Jews!” before police forced him off a Northwest Airlines plane in Florida Wednesday night, the Associated Press reported.”

“The man is named Mansor Muhammad Asad, 43, of Toledo, Ohio, according to a Miami-Dade Police Department statement. He was arrested and charged with threats against a public servant, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer non violently. An FBI spokeswoman said there were no indications that the incident was related to terrorism.”

“He reportedly also “chanted in a foreign language” – the report does not elaborate – and threatened officers when they searched him.”

“Police said that alcohol did not appear to be a factor in his behavior.”

Excuse me. I have to go spend a few hours laughing hysterically with a distinct touch of bitterness to myself.

From Glezele Vayne

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Newsweek calls for sending the jihadis to yemen resulting in more deaths by jihadis

Posted by avideditor on January 7, 2010

It seems the left in America what to release jihadis to yemen to kill again

‘Gitmo Forever’?: “

President Obama’s decision to suspend sending any detainees being held in the Guantánamo Bay detention facility back to Yemen was ‘politically, a no-brainer,’ a senior administration official tells NEWSWEEK.

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Newsweek continues it jihad against private contractors

Posted by avideditor on January 7, 2010

It seems that the left is continuing their jihad against any program that supports our troops or attacks our enemies.

Two Americans Killed in Attack on CIA Base Worked for Xe–Formerly Blackwater:

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PLO spells out its positions on Jerusalem

Posted by avideditor on January 7, 2010

PLO spells out its positions on Jerusalem: “For those who naively think that the PA ‘only’ wants Israel to withdraw to the Green Line and then peace will reign supreme, the new ‘PLO Mission to the United States‘ website spells out otherwise.

This website is meant to portray a moderate front to Western audiences, but it is filled with half-lies and outright lies that would take a month of fisking to flesh out. Here is just what they say about Jerusalem:

Israel has no legal right to any part of East Jerusalem since East Jerusalem was part of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967. East Jerusalem is part of the territory over which the indigenous Palestinian population shall exercise sovereignty upon Israeli withdrawal. Read the rest of this entry »

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