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Al Queda Spiders? or Al Quackda?

Posted by avideditor on January 27, 2010

Did I hear 0 wrong or is there a new threat. Or is it a joke like Al Quackda?

Jihadi Geese photographed just before the attack on US Airways Flight 1549

It can now be revealed that the true cause of the downing of US Airways flight 1549 was Jihadi Canadian Geese. (see exclusive photos)

Goosama bin Loud-One,

The geese, trained by the infamous, enigmatic, and elusive leader of the long repressed Canadian Islamist group, Al Honkya Martyrs Brigade, an offshoot of the larger avian fundamentalist Al Quackda group, Goosama bin Loud-One, is today taking responsibility for the attack on the airliner which was forced to ditch in the Hudson river on Thursday.

In an audiotaped message, Bin Loud-One is reported to have said,


Translated: “Beware infidels!!!” This is only the beginning of our glorious jihad. Western non-believers have invaded our airspace for the last time without consequences!!”

“We are many in numbers and are willing to sacrifice ourselves by being sucked into infidel jet engines to further our glorious cause.”

The statement by bin Loud-One puts to rest the theory pushed by PETA that the airlines are deliberately endangering migratory birds by airport planners building airports in the birds flight paths.

New York mayor Mike Bloomberg states: “I’m shocked!!!” New York governor David Patterson, in a press release after hearing the news said: “I don’t see a solution to this problem.”

PEBHO (President Elect B. Hussein Obama) could not be reached for comment but the “Office of The President Elect” issued the following statement:

“The office of PEBHO unequivocally stands by the previous statement by PEBHO that there’s only one President at a time and until President Bush ain’t around no mo’ we gots nuthin’ to say ‘cept’n fo’ PEBHO ain’t no mohammedan.”

By Rides A Pale Horse

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