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Sickness Of The Left

Posted by DJM on January 22, 2010

This post is almost too vile to publish.

Jack Cafferty of CNN.com posted an editorial about a 13-year-old Saudi girl sentenced to 90 lashes for carrying a cell phone to school. The punishment is harsher than many Saudi thieves receive. She could very well die during the lashing.

The editorial goes on to point out how women are often treated as second-class citizens, with few rights.

Cafferty asks readers to respond to this question: What does it say when America’s ally Saudi Arabia sentences a 13-year-old girl to 90 lashes after bringing a cell phone to school?

The story is disturbing enough. But even more so, are the responses of CNN readers, most who live in America – the one country that rightfully condemns human rights abuses – more than any other.

Some response examples:

“We should respect the cultures of other countries as well as the rules of the school Both of which come above all else.” – Mehra

“they know how to run a school. we should take note.” – paul

“We need to hire Saudi teachers for our inner city schools. A few decapitations and all our problems would be solved.” Mike, Syracuse, NY

“Because they enforce their laws, they do not have the crime issues we do so you can draw your own conclusions from that.” – Doug, Dallas, Tx

“Good for Saudi Arabia. Go to school to learn, not talk on the phone or play games, what a novel idea.” – Larry from Georgetown, TX

“It says we should ‘MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS”. Other countries have their own laws and customs and not every country conforms to our beliefs.” – Sandy

“Their country and their laws, like it or not. I am sure we have laws that are offensive to people in other countries, including to our allies.” – Mike from Denver

“It’s none of our business how anybody raise their kids cause what works for one household may not work for the other so sometimes we have to be a little bit stricter but it all should be done in love and not of appearance to the public eyes” – Frandy

“Do you REALLY believe that the Saudis are going to lash this girl so bad that she is going to die or be really hurt? Come On!!! They just want to teach her a lesson. They have laws just like we do. There are broken and you pay the price. I was spanked in Elementary school with a big wooden board. It hurt! It was suppose too!” – Gayle G.

The last just shows how utterly clueless the left is about Islam… Gayle G. simply doesn’t understand what an Islamic lashing is. This idiot seems to think a lashing is no worse than a paddling. That ignorance may explain the apathy displayed by many commenters in this thread. Gayle G. comments again:

“Like some people have said on here, the Muslims don’t want their women running around without clothes on like in the U.S. and they don’t want millons of people locked up in prisons. You do the crime and you pay a price, a big price.” -Gayle G.

Yet another shining example of ignorance. Apparently Gayle G. has no problem with the ownership of women – slavery. She seems to support muslims controlling “their women” to suit the desires of their male owners. She also has no clue about the Islamic “justice” system, which often finds innocent people guilty of crimes based solely on sworn testimonies by vindictive, nefarious individuals.

It is people like Gayle G. who blindly continue to embrace the politically correct idea that religious extremism is shared equally among all faiths, and that Islam is peaceful, despite the behaviors and words of millions of muslims around the world and despite being disproportionately represented in acts of terrorism.

Liberal leaning CNN‘s audience is mostly democratic – the party of compassion. Or so it claims. Reading though these comments, however, one can see there is very little compassion or understanding for those helpless individuals living outside the limited, narcissistic world of the liberal mind.

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One Response to “Sickness Of The Left”

  1. pat said

    This is a product of the MSM ignoring Islamic religious practices for years. Pretending that only a few fanatics cause the bad rap. when in fact all practicing Muslims are fanatic by Western standards. There religion requires it.

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