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Freedom Of Speech On Trial

Posted by DJM on January 20, 2010

Today, the freedom of speech is on trial in the Netherlands. The outcome will affect us all. As Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs writes:

On the 20th of January the trial against Wilders, and western civilization, will begin. It is quite likely that Wilders will go to jail for speaking the truth. Criminalizing free speech. If Wilders can be sent to jail for “hate speech”, I can be sent to jail. If I can be sent to jail, you can be sent to jail.

This is not about Wilders. It is about our very way of life, our civilization and our unalienable rights. It is ironic to me that his trial begins on the first anniversary of the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama, an opponent of American rule of law. Obama was the first President to co-sponsor a UN resolution criminalizing free speech. And while the media failed, yet again, to cover this historic development, it is, in a word, cataclysmic.

(Emphasis Pam’s)

Atlas Shrugs also has live coverage.

View Fitna, the short film that started it all. Download it, save it, share it.

(Image by Bosch)

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