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The Not-So-Apartheid Road

Posted by avideditor on January 7, 2010

The Not-So-Apartheid Road: ”


AP corrected its recent coverage of the Supreme Courts ruling on Highway 443. Reporter Amy Teibel wrote:

Israels Supreme Court ordered the military on Tuesday to allow Palestinians to travel on the part of a major highway that runs through the West Bank, handing Palestinians their biggest victory yet against Israels practice of reserving some roads for Jews.

The correction notes:

These roads are open to all Israeli citizens, including Arabs, as well as foreigners and tourists, while banning virtually all Palestinians.

Meanwhile, the National Post raises an important, overlooked point:

There will undoubtedly be many commentators who jump to the conclusion that this court decision proves Israel is wrong in the way it treats Palestinians. But consider this: The case was brought by an Israeli human rights group — the Association for Civil Rights in Israel — paid for by donations from Israelis, argued in an Israeli court and decided by Israeli judges. And, as institutions in a democratic government, the decision will now be adhered to by the Israeli cabinet and military.

Considering that Jews may be shot merely for walking down a Palestinian street — and there are no Palestinian human rights groups or courts to which they can appeal — Israeli efforts to treat Palestinians with respect, despite the many hundreds of attempted terrorist attacks launched each year from the West Bank and Gaza, are exemplary.

Meanwhile, credit is due to LA Times correspondent Edmund Sanders for best overall coverage of Highway 443.

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