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CAIR attorney lies in court motions in Rifqa Bary case, commits perjury about connections to CAIR and Ohio terror mosque

Posted by avideditor on January 7, 2010

CAIR attorney lies in court motions in Rifqa Bary case, commits perjury about connections to CAIR and Ohio terror mosque: ”

The CAIR attorney representing the Bary parents in the Rifqa Bary saga has not only committed a major legal blunder, but has perjured himself in motions recently submitted to the Ohio court. In the filings, CAIR attorney Omar Tarazi denied connections to CAIR and to the Ohio terror mosque responsible for pressuring Rifqa’s father, Mohamed Bary, prompting the threats to his daughter about her conversion to the Christian faith.

When the case was still in Florida, Rifqa’s attorney John Stemberger submitted a 35-page memorandum to the court about the extensive terror ties of the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, the mosque attended by the Bary family. To avoid exposing the Noor Center’s radical connections (the mosque’s founder and spiritual leader Hany Saqr was identified in documents in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial as one of the top North American leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the mosque’s former resident scholar Salah Soltan has appeared at events in the Middle East with designated terrorists), any connection between the Noor Center, CAIR and parents’ attorneys were repeatedly dismissed in court by the Florida attorney Shayan Elahi. In an appearance on Fox News this week, Elahi lied again about CAIR and Noor’s involvement.

Now that CAIR and the Noor Center’s major role in this case has been raised again in Ohio, Omar Tarazi has attempted to conceal the connections and directions that both have played in this case, and the obvious conflict of interest presented in Tarazi’s attempt to represent the parents while taking direction from CAIR and the Noor Center leadership.

In these recent motions, Tarazi openly lied to the court about CAIR and Noor’s involvement in the case, claiming no association with either and denying that they are involved in funding the Bary parents’ case. But we can present here exclusive evidence disproving those lies in the form of a Facebook email sent by none other than Noor Center CEO Hany Saqr announcing that Tarazi would be speaking at Eid morning prayers on November 27th:


According to three independent sources who were at Tarazi’s talk, he not only gave an update on the case, but a collection was taken afterward to finance his client’s case. If he is receiving no compensation from this offering, where exactly is the money going that has been raised on several occasions by the mosque specifically for the Bary’s defense? In addition, at least one member of the local media was in attendance at his presentation — an explicit violation of the judge’s gag order in the case. Tarazi also forgot to mention in his filings that he is a regular attendee at the terror mosque. No connections, eh?

Two weeks ago we presented here conclusive photographic evidence of CAIR’s management of the media in this case. We also noted back in September that CAIR officials were present when Florida investigators interviewed Rifqa’s parents (conversely, Rifqa was interrogated alone for three and a half hours without her attorneys present). And back in August when this case first began, we noted from inside sources that CAIR was formulating a media strategy to promote lies about Rifqa and the Florida pastors that received her after her escape from the Bary home.

Why would Omar Tarazi jeopardize his legal career and face possible criminal penalties to continue to cover-up CAIR and the Noor Center’s involvement in this case when evidence is already available exposing his lies? Only Tarazi can answer that question. And we hope the judge in this case demands some answers.

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One Response to “CAIR attorney lies in court motions in Rifqa Bary case, commits perjury about connections to CAIR and Ohio terror mosque”

  1. Christian from Columbus said

    I am confused. Exactly what sort of motion would require an attorney to state whether or not he belonged to any specific house of worship? Was a similar statement required of any of the highly affiliated attorneys in Florida who represented Rifqa? While there is a lot of mileage associated with the term “terror Mosque,” any actual evidence of connections between Noor and any exiting terrorist organizations or efforts is at best weak and convoluted (Stemberger’s “background” piece). To the extent that the FBI was willing to respond to the FDLE’s inquiries (which is admittedly limited), Stemberger’s claims are at least called into question.

    This seems to me to be a total non-issue, but I am willing to consider any actual evidence (reference to any specific document in which Omar Tarazi details his relationship to the Noor Islamic Cultural Center).

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