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Andrew Sullivan: It’s Time to Invade Israel

Posted by avideditor on January 7, 2010

From Atlas shurgs

Andrew Sullivan: It’s Time to Invade Israel: ”

Generally I never cover the crazy hate and incitement to violence the now officially insane left projectile vomits on a daily basis.

But this is so over the line ………… time to invade Israel.

This is not the brain child of Sullivan as he doesnt have a thinking organ – he is a knee jerk step and fetishist boy for the left. No, he is propagating the Jew hatred rhetoric of the left, giving legs to this radical, wild, fanatical strategy.

This call for an invasion of Israel is pure evil. America is under some terrible spell. And while its easy to dismiss such crazy talk as ugly fringe, Sullivan is a leading lefturd blogger. Clearly, this intensely unhappy misery wishes to spread his pathetic unhappiness to unsuspecting dimbulbs.

We heard this disturbing nazi rhetoric from Obamas close confidante Samantha  Powers back in 2008 where she is calling for a military invasion of Israel.  I suspect Powers is more Secretary of State than Hillary.

Jews in America have a lot to answer for. The Jewish lay leadership should be thrown out in the street. We need Jabotinsky. Seriously. The flock is lost.

Daniel F sent this over via Noah Pollak:

Andrew Sullivan: It’s Time to Invade Israel

Click here to visit crazy town:

My own view is moving toward supporting a direct American military imposition
of a two-state solution, with NATO troops on the borders of the new states of
Palestine and Israel. I’m sick of having a great power like the US being
dictated to in the conduct of its own foreign policy.

Presumably the direct American military imposition of a two-state solution
would involve the Marines going house to house in Gaza City. Talk about American
soldiers dying for Israel! For someone who has spent the past few years
denouncing the hubris of American military intervention in the Middle East, this
is heady stuff.

What is about that Jews defending themselves that make Jew haters froth at the mouth? Sullivan is a rabid dog melting down right in front of our eyes. Hard not to rubberneck.

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