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Finally 0 sends the CIA to watch the Icebergs

Posted by avideditor on January 5, 2010

“Dam the armed jihadi polar bears. It is a good thing our leader Obama sent the CIA to watch them. They keep blowing them selves up and shooting other innocents.  Id bet you we could thrwart the polar bear menace with grenade and flame thrower armed sea lions and give a few penguins some exploding underwear too. I think they are misreading the constitution when they talk about the right to keep and arm bears? ” My attempt at a joke. I can not be as funny as FU Penguin but at least I tried.

2 Responses to “Finally 0 sends the CIA to watch the Icebergs”

  1. Elodie St. Clair said

    How gullible are you people? The CIA is not spying on icebergs. They are giving scientists access to pre-existing satellite photos from the Arctic and Antarctic. No resources or manpower are being diverted from counter-terrorism. They’re simply sharing some satellite photos that they already have. You folks have to learn how to think.

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