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Facebook is Jihadi You are promoting groups like “DEATH TO ALL JEWS! ALLAH IS ALL POWERFUL” by using their service

Posted by avideditor on January 5, 2010

Stop using facebook if you use it. Give the self hating jews, anti semites, and jihadis none of your time or support. I personally do not go on to facebook or click any facebook links. I am now going past no longer helping other with facebook or using facebook, to saying if you use that the use of that service supports evil. There are other better services out there. The use of the sevice supports the worst of the worst. Here is the latest post from the JIDF. Read what I wrote about the JIDF”

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The story never changes.  Despite thousands of people reporting this content, Facebook is remains negligent as they fail to proactively remove hatred and incitement on their platform.  We see very little effort on their part to enforce their own TOS.  Please note, we did not seek this content out.  Millions of Muslims, antisemites, and jihadists on Facebook are constantly attacking all Jewish or pro-Israel groups and pages – one can even find this type of hatred and incitement outside ‘Jewish’ realms on the platform.  In short, its everywhere.  Facebook allows the promotion of hatred and violence to go viral on their platform:

(click to enlarge)

While this hateful content like runs rampant, the hypocrites at are busy maintaining their double standards, selectively and subjectively ‘enforcing’ their TOS against individuals with whom they have personal qualms.

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