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Egypt calls George Galloway a liar

Posted by avideditor on January 5, 2010

Egypt calls George Galloway a liar: “From The Daily News Egypt:

The Viva Palestina convoy intended for the Gaza Strip finally docked in the port of Al-Arish some 40 km away from the Rafah border crossing after a protracted delay due to a disagreement over its appropriate landing destination between convoy members and the Egyptian government….

[T]he Egyptian foreign ministry launched a scathing attack on convoy leader British Respect MP George Galloway, claiming that his comments regarding the hold up of the convoy defied ‘honesty and facts.’

‘Being aware that Mr. Galloway loves media exposure, for various reasons, the ministry refrains from engaging in media arguments with someone who deliberately changes facts for personal objectives and masters the promotion of false championships that are based on wrong impressions leading to wrong conclusions,’ it said.

In a fact sheet disseminated by Egypt’s State Information Service, the authorities said that the foreign ministry had sent at least four messages to Mr. Galloway starting Dec. 10, 2009, briefing him on ‘the Egyptian mechanism for receiving relief assistance convoys to the Gaza Strip,’ through its London embassy, but that they were all ignored.

In this case, I tend to believe the Egyptians.

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