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homework and setting the record straight

Posted by avideditor on January 4, 2010

Even though she does not link to me 😉 I think rose provides great context.

homework and setting the record straight: “
The Shoeshine Photo
The picture was actually created back during the last presidential campaign to emphasize the fact that Sarah Palin had more executive experience than Barack Obama….

For the last two days, the buzz has erupted in the Blogosphere, due to a blunder committed by a formerly prominent blogger. In an iconic example of irresponsible posting, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs stereotyped the Colorado DOT employee without any background investigation:

Here’s yet another ugly little upwelling of racism from the right wing base, as a Colorado Department of Transportation employee forwards an email to her co-workers containing a photoshopped image of President Barack Obama giving Sarah Palin a shoeshine.

Patterico’s Pontifications quickly called Charles Johnson on his mistake:

Charles Johnson denounces the ‘right-wing racism’ of the photo. Just one problem: the [CDOT] worker is a registered Democrat…. and there’s more…

This last one: H/T avid and howie for OE

One Response to “homework and setting the record straight”

  1. Rose said

    LOL. Linked.

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