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DefenseMan Is Clueless

Posted by avideditor on January 3, 2010

Defenseman is clueless. He created a libel site against great people at LGF2 like Rodan and then password protected his blog.  I created this blog as a joke in response. When are these idiots going to learn there is a work around. Every inflammatory thing they said is going to be public. If enough people want me to post the comments from there too, I will. Enjoy.

Keep in mind I do not agree with this mad man at all


He Has  Finally Lost His Tenuous Grip On Reality

Claims Italians Filipinos & Greeks Are Hispanic

It has finally happened, Rick Martinez (aka Rodan, Trajan, Jay Pagan) finally lost his  battle with sanity and he’s slipped into an alternate universe.  He has accused Charles Johnson and LGF blogger Irish Rose of being racist. Thursday night he posted a thread at his stalker/hate blog that was so bizarre, his fellow posters forced its removal mere minutes after it was posted. The link below is to a screen-shot of the redacted post.

Charles Johnson and LGF are Racist

Those of you who are not familiar with Martinez, his  main claim to fame is his inane ability to be banned countless times at blogs on both sides of the political spectrum. The list includes Freepers, Red State, Think Progress, News Busters, Crooks & Liars and                   most recently Little Green Footballs, which is also the latest victim of one of  his numerous  stalker/hate blogs.

Martinez or Twajie as some of us affectionately have named him, has an unusual and somewhat mysterious relationship with Eric Odom of the American Liberty Alliance. Odom, who is the self proclaimed founder of the Tea Party Movement, the  corporate sponsored  “grassroots” spin machine that promoted the 912 protest marches throughout the country.  Odom has earned notoriety through his “watch” blogs, which are little more than  thinly disguised fronts for Odom’s trolling operation, Troll Central, which  has littered  countless troll droppings  and on Progressive blogs for years.

Twajie was associated with a couple of “Odom’s watch blogs”, Olbermann Watch and Think Progress Watch. He also has confessed to trolling Progressive Blogs and in his own words terrorizing and bringing them to their knees, through relentless spamming of threads with literally tens of thousands of comments. That however is not the subject of this post and will be thoroughly discussed in an upcoming thread.

Twajie believes that it wasn’t his vile comments advocating genocide of Muslims that got him and his minionMark Thomas Donato (savage_nation) banned at LGF, but rather it was Charles Johnson’s bigotry towards Hispanics that resulted in his banishment.

This is where this so far dull post takes a hilarious turn, Twajie believes that any criticism towards him is solely based on his Hispanic ancestry. Where he really jumps the shark is where he claims that Marc Donato of Dutch/Italian ancestry, was purged from LGF based on bigotry against  Hispanics. Where it jumps into an alternate  reality is when Twajie claims that CJ’s criticism of Michelle Malkin of Filipino ancestry,  is also rooted in Charles racist prejudice towards Hispanics.

All quotes below unless attributed to another poster, were made by Martinez  at TPWW in 2008 and are verbatim.  Although correcting his atrocious spelling would have made reading easier, it would have reduced the reader’s perception of  Martinez’s illiteracy.

You are repeating a French lie about Greeks and Latins. Also Filipinos are part of the larger Latin familyThey are cultural;ly very close and have Spanis/Italian blood in their veins. I know many Filipinos, so I know what I’m discussing.

Also Greeks and Latins are Cousins. So it’s the same bloodline. The Romans came from Greeks. Also Greeks have called themselves Romoi, meaning Roman since that’s where the Eastern Empire was based out of. Hispanics, Filipinos, Italians and Greeks are the same people

I won this very argument before it started I’m Latin you’re not. Your opinion doesn’t count. Rest of that planet? are you joking. The version of history you believe is valid in the Islamic world and Anglo-French world. Byzantines don’t exist. It’s an Anglo-French lie.The version of history I know as fact id taught in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Greece and ThePhillipines. Don’t you think us Latins know better than you Anglos about our history?

LT says:“It is true that, like much of their culture, the Latins were not creative enough to even develop their own alphabet ”

Your racist attitude shows. It just proves my point tyou are a racist. Great Thanks. Checkmate and dismissed!

Martinez, despite being an internet bully infamous for his penchant for threatening bloggers with violence, believes that any criticism directed towards him must be race based.  Call him ugly, it’s racism, call him an illiterate dunderhead, that too is racism.

Ralph the Wonder Llama , Making fun of the way I look. That proves your racist. You make fun of my looks because I’m Spanish looking. How tolerant of you racist slime.

Liberal Traitor says:  You are nothing more than a fun distraction to me, and by the way, that photo is priceless. Not only do you continue to look like a giant douche-twat but it could be photo-shopped

Liberal Traitor, you said i look like a giant douche-twat but

Your racist Bostonian White Trash attitude exposes itself again. I bet if I were White you wouldn’t say nothing. You are racist and just proved it!

There was a thread at TPWW where Twajie was called I.R. Trajan, a play on the name of a cartoon character, who like Martinez was inept at everything he did. One of the posters started to call him a simian faced Latin King wannabe (Twajie claimed he was a LK ) and that became racist.

Everything you say is a lie. You’re a nobody and just a big joke. By the way you just exposed your racism.Simian face bis a racist term. Do you have your Klan hood on?

Twajie also claimed it was racist to want to help Hispanics that were less fortunate than himself.

The White Leftists view Latins as inferior, you guys believe we need to help from the Whiteman to make it in America. That is racism that makes you a racist

He claimed that because his version of Hispanic history wasn’t taught in schools, that whites were conducting cultural genocide on his people.

You are committing cultural genocide against Latins. Our history isn’t taught in full in schools, you are attempting to make us dependent on the government and you are dividing us by claiming Italians are White, when they are Latin

He has this weird ability to always play victim, even when threatening other bloggers. When he has had a little too much to drink, it doesn’t take much to push him over the edge. Then he spews out threats and shows his true bigotry towards what he calls white trash

Yeah right you coward. It was Friday I was enjoying a few beers.You guys have crossed a line with me. Just be grateful I never will meet any of you. I would put a bullet in all your heads for making fun of me.…Ford Prefect, I could care less about the Bostonians trash. Those tough Bostonians have had their asses handed to tham by the Latin King Sets up in Boston. The Bostonian White trash are pussies.

You hide behind the laws because you were the kid that got robbed in school by people like me. People like you will be gone in a few years time.
You come from a trash family like all low class whites, but now you are an Elitist, however the Trash stays in you.

I won and I understand it’s hard for a White Trash Bostonianto admitt you lost to a Latin. I know that you were raaised into thinking your race is superior. The truth hurts doesn’t it loser?

Bostonians are White trash with no class. Screw Fenway. Bostoniansn are also very racist, they’re just one notch below the Nazis.

I’m very high up in the Latin King Hierchy. I already paid my diues on the streets in the early and mid 90’s. I have others you are hungry wolve ready to devour Leftist KKKracker scum like you. Especialyy an Anglowho think he’s knows about our history and politics. Your time will come.

I’m a Latin Christian, we crush our enemy’s skull not turn the other cheek. Let Jesus judge me, not an Muslim loving Atheist like you!

Lawrence,you are a coward. I actually have used a gun and been in shootouts, have you? So who’s the coward KKKracker.
Oh as for your racisl comments that your leaving remeber,
The Latins raped the Whites. So who’s superior Nazi?

In a fight you wouldn’t last 5 Minutes, I’d carve you up like a steak and laugh at the blood spilling from you veins. Then I would wipe the blood in your face and bash your skull in

We were the ones that defeated the Muslims and used you stupid Irish drunks in the front lines of our armies, so precious Latin blood didn’t need to spill.
The fact remains, your ancestors were
conquered and raped, mine were conqueres.
That makes me superior to you.

My ancestors foght our invaders, yours was enslaved for 600 years, that makes me and my people superior to yours.
I am a Latin/Roman Christian maybe you don’t understand, but coming from someone who’s ancestors have only been reading and writer a couple hundred years as ooposed to 1,000’s I can understand your lack of comprehession.

I rose up the ranks in the Latin Kings. I pain my dues on the streets. Raed about how you rise in the ranks Yopu White Trash Bostonian. Hint, it;’s not drink Beer and talking crap like you Barbaric cowardly loud mouth White Trash do it.
I did things I can’t discuss here but let’s just say I have blood on my hands

What do you have to say about those Drunk White Trash Red Sox fans run over by a car?
I also confirmed the Driver was a Latin Queen, that’s our female affiliates. ANother loss for you drunkInbred low class Whites! Ha!

You know nothing about Spanish politics. You’re an Anglo-American stick to what you know racist scum

I’ve lived through shootouts, have you? No. I have seen bullets and blodd, have you Anglo coward? Nope, so you can’t say nothing coward.
We wll never meet, but if we did trust me you wouldn’t be running your mouth, you’d run to the police coward.,I’ve actually used guns, have you? Nope! So you’re dismissed like the typical Anglo Barbariancoward you are.

Zooey ,
Fear-addicted, is that what you’re calling me you stupid Whore? I’ve survived 7 Shootouts and 3 Stabbings. I’ve seen my best friend’s head blown off and had another paralyzed. You know nothing of Blood and Bullets coward.
But all you’re good for is spreading you legs and opening yor mouth to make money for your pimp.

I grew up in Pre-Rudy NY. It was neighborhood gangs against Neighborhood gangss. My Hood had beef with Southside Jamaica and Flushing. They did drive by shootings and we retaliated. That’s difficult for Lilly White Suburbanites that Mommy and Daddy sheltered to understand. I was kicked out at 16 from my house and had to live in a housing Project and had to hustle drugs for money. What do you know about that?
You know nothing. I survived and lets just say many of my enemies didn’t.

Like I said I realized now how evil you Leftists are. I hope an American Pinochet comes along, forms death squads and you all end up with bullets in your heads. The day will come when the Left gets what it deserves.
I’m a Roman/Spanish style Christian. I don’t turn the other cheek. I rip out my enemy’s throat.Ruthlessness is how one survives.
The Left and their Mulsim allies deserve no mercy, only humiliation and death you all deserve.

Amazingly he see nothing wrong with spewing hatred to any and all people of the Muslim faith, and justifies it because he feels it is deserved  retribution for the Muslim occupation of Spain which ended six centuries ago.

Yes I am bigoted to towards Muslims. They tried to exterminate my ancestors. Thank God we prevailed and drove out of our land.
We need to drive them out of America and Europe.
The Serbians were on to something.
God Bless Milosevic a hero of the West!

He claims he has done bodily harm and committed other crimes against Muslims

You like an echo chamber. As for piss soaked, I actually have beaten up Muslims. I even sliced one in the face.

Source Material: Think Progress Watch Watch

H/T: Reggie

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Saul Alinsky, community organizer and writer, criticized mainstream liberals for being far too passive and ineffective. In response, Alinsky wrote Rules for Radicals, a handbook on how to take power away from those who have it. Alinsky passed away shortly after his book was published, in 1972. Around the same time, another figure was championing a very different view, one far more rational and constrained. That would be William F. Buckley, Jr. Buckley fought against groups such as the John Birch Society to remove their influence from the Republican Party and American conservatism. The Birchers seem to be having a renaissance of sorts after such figures as Buckley and Goldwater have gone from the scene. In many ways, the neo-Birchers are attempting a comeback with the various ideas about birth certificates and New World Orders. One can see their influences in just a simple corner of the internet, between two people we know as Rodan of LGF 2.0 and Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.

Rodan is a right-wing follower of Alinsky. He even claims as such.

18. Rodan on 13 August, 2009 at 2:34 pm

re: #9 by vagabond trader

I have been using these rules.

In response to,

9. vagabond trader on 13 August, 2009 at 1:57 pm

re: #6 by Bumr50

Yup, just keep hitting them with ridicule, facts and fear. Alinskys Rules for Radicals, tables turned.

I wish administration would post those 12 rules, they really are effective.

Never mind that what’s being passed around may be a lie, it does not matter to these right-wing Alinskyites. They view their job is to merely harass whomever is in their way. Rodan goes on,

34. Rodan on 13 August, 2009 at 3:14 pm

re: #20 by vagabond trader

Yes I have been reading alot [sic] about the Progressive movement and Alinsky. Alinsky is a genius, his tactics work. Now I am copying them.

Rodan is admitting that he is less of a rational, free-market, libertarian conservative than is a blood-thirsty fascist thug. He’d rather use the tactics of fascists and communists (right and left, respectively) than fight using facts. All previous comments here from Obama: The Salesman of the Radical Left’s Agenda.

What a complete difference from the work that Mr. Johnson performs over at Little Green Footballs. Unlike Rodan, Mr. Johnson does not see a need to use Alinsky’s tactics. He uses facts rather than conjecture, even if that means he must tell people that they are no longer welcome in his camp, much as Buckley did to the Birchers and their ilk. Yet, Rodan and his people consider such things to be purges. Such thinking is their own projection as Rodan has several times in the past (as documented here) wanted to purge the right of people who do not agree with his train of thought. Rodan believes that Alinsky may be the key to achieving his goal.

22. Rodan on 14 August, 2009 at 6:09 pm

Here’s my take on this. You the Lyndon Larouche crowd, they are Leftists and yes they are using Alinsky tactics at the Townhalls. However they are doing it because Obama, they view as Not Leftwing enough.

You also have those on the Right like me, that are using Alinsky tactics. Personally, I use Alinsky tactics and It works. The American people are sympathizing with the Townhall protesters. I say use his tactics, they work!

– Alinsky Tactics at the Townhalls

No one has successfully proven that Alinsky tactics are being used by the left at the Townhalls, but we do know that the Rodans of the world have disrupted them.

Rodan then accuses Mr. Johnson of being a totalitarian. Funny, when you consider that it is Rodan, with his unconstrained vision that acts more the totalitarian.

2. Rodan on 15 August, 2009 at 10:19 pm

re: #1 by Possum

I think Soros is paying him.

Interesting insinuation considering that Rodan knows jack shit about Mr. Johnson’s funding. A note to the clueless, Mr. Johnson funds himself.

35. goddessoftheclassroom on 16 August, 2009 at 6:41 am

re: #33 by m

I thought it was Mr. Johnson’s shoving all the conservatives off LGF…

Maybe if conservatives like yourself didn’t act like Alinksyites and John Birchers, maybe Mr. Johnson would not have to tell you to go stuff it? Did that ever cross your minds?

65. Speranza on 16 August, 2009 at 7:50 am

re: #33 by m

Correct. We don’t take kindly to turncoats. I honor the Charles Johnson of 2002 – 2007 and the current Charles Johnson I do not even recognize.

Who’s the turncoat? You guys showed your true colors that you have attempted to hide for so long. What makes you any different from the dipshit Democrats who baited, harassed, and bitched about George W. Bush for the past eight fricking years? Absolutely nothing! Mr. Johnson did not change, you merely became what you were trying to hide for so very long.

110. Infidel on 16 August, 2009 at 10:12 am

Pony Tail Boy is also still spreading the lie that Beck believes there are “FEMA camps.” Beck, of course, devoted several shows to debunking that myth.

For me, Chuckles’ Jihad against Robert Spencer was the last straw. As with most leftists, Chuckles is incapable of intellectual honesty or even telling truth from falsehood.

Dear Chuckles and minions, Have you no sense of decency, sir?

A hell of a lot more decency that you, Mr. Spencer, or Rodan. Glenn Beck is a looney tune who barks at the moon, but never mind that. Intellectual honesty is admitting that not all muslims are bad or even mean harm. Mr. Spencer and Rodan are incapable of that, preferring other methods. Rodan is in favor of the “kill them all” approach. Is that intellectually honest?

The answer is no. The neo-Birchers that you see above are a major problem in the right, and have no real place in conservatism. Mr. Johnson does us a service by exposing them for who they are and letting us know that they do exist, and that they are a problem. If nothing is done, this problem will consume us, and let the Birchers and Alinskyites of the right rule the day. We need a new Buckley, not more Alinskys.

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While surfing the intertubes one fine day, I came across Think Progress Watch Watch. A most amazing site, I strongly suggest that you read it for a taste of Rodan. You may not recognize him at first, but he posted there under the names “Trajan75″ and “trajan”. Rodan, as you know from reading LGF, ran the Think Progress Watch site. Obviously, this is a watch site on his watch site.

Here are a few samples of Rodan’s (Trajan’s) cluelessness:

trajan75 // June 2, 2008 at 11:00 pm

So ninique is Toasterhead!
Ha ha ha ha!
So I guess Toasterhead is Trans sexual! That explains his/her obsession with me!
“He’s still talking about the Latin Kings and Latin Disciples even though they are 1980’s one-hit-losers”

Latin Diciples are a Chicago Gand. Latin Kings are an International Rightwing Hispanic Seld Defense Organization. We are still straong and have members who are Police, Fireman, Soldiers and FBI agents. We have 5 Million Members worldwide in Sopain, Portugal, Italy, US, Latin AMerica and the Phillipines. There was a Gang element but they have been purged from our group. I’m not scared of anyone. I have a good lawyer so Bring it!

– TP Watch Celebrates Deaths of 20 U.S. Troops In May

Where to begin with this comment? For starters…
1. The gang (not gand) is the Latin Kings. They are rivals of the Gangster Disciples. I doubt either would take too kindly to Rodan mixing them up.
2. The misspellings are atrocious. I mean, can Rodan even read, much less write?
3. What a cocky bastard.

But wait, there’s more…

trajan75 // May 30, 2008 at 4:07 pm

Like I said I realized now how evil you Leftists are. I hope an American Pinochet comes along, forms death squads and you all end up with bullets in your heads. The day will come when the Left gets what it deserves.
– DJ Konservo: Hitler Was A Gift From God

Yep, Rodan yet again threatens people. Now, this sort of behavior is what gets people banned from LGF. I’m rather glad and happy that Mr. Johnson does not tolerate such behavior from any of his commentors. I mean, wishing fro an American Pinochet, what the hell is he thinking? Rodan is no defender of democracy and freedom with his comment but rather, a defender of totalitarianism to further his own ends.

Sick enough yet? I’m not done with the King of Sock Puppets.

As mentioned before, Rodan blames more than the 19 jihadis and their parent organization for the events of Spetember 11, 2001:

trajan75 // May 20, 2008 at 8:47 pm

You press charges, you have to reveal your name and address. Full dislousre.
Think About it.
I’m also sure authorities would love that you suppported the 9/11 attacks and called yourself a Jihadist.
– TP Watcher to Commit Hate Crime, Post Video Evidence

But wait, there’s more…

Rodan admits he may even have blood on his hands as he rose through the ranks of what is typically considered a street gang (see above):

trajan75 // May 6, 2008 at 7:26 pm

liberal traitor ,
Bush is an idiot no question. However the reason the Military didn’t have the correct body armore was due to Clinton’s cuts. If a Dem President had been in power we would have the same issues. I hate to pop your little bubble.

Also about your cowardly comments. I rose up the ranks in the Latin Kings. I pain my dues on the streets. Raed about how you rise in the ranks Yopu White Trash Bostonian. Hint, it;’s not drink Beer and talking crap like you Barbaric cowardly loud mouth White Trash do it.
I did things I can’t discuss here but let’s just say I have blood on my hands
– TP Watch Commenter Melo Hates Our Troops!

1. He calls President Bush an idiot, as if he were a Democrat, but…
2. Goes on to criticize the Democrats.
3. He seems to have an odd problem with Bostonians. I suggest he see a shrink about it.
4. He admits he has blood on his hands. As a stalker, I’d be wary of this twit and make damn sure he was reported for every infraction he does.

And finally, because there is way too much to digest, there’s this little gem:

trajan75 // May 7, 2008 at 3:12 am

I’m setting up an Anti-Republican Blog soon. Stay tuned. You Leftist will be allowed to join me in GOP bashing.
– TP Watch Commenter Melo Hates Our Troops!

Rodan admits to being outside the two mainstream political parties. If you are a conservative Republican and on LGF 2.0, you might want to reconsider who you are friends with. I know I would.

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At LGF, the worst Charles Johnson would do is to take away your account.

At Blogmocracy, if your moderators think that you’ve wronged them they will post your name.  Talk about your children.  Look into your personal life.

I hope you’ve all been nice to the moderators, folks.

Aren’t you glad they have your IP address?

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People say one thing and do another entirely different. This is a short exploration into that.  Found this one reposted by a lizard on the 6 New Personality Disorders thread on LGF.  Looks like I’m not alone in trying to expose this crap.

Rodan 1/12/2008 5:51:50 pm PST

An man is judge by his enemies.
Be proud that those that hate you are evil.
It says you’re good!

These words were typed by none other than Rodan, King of Sock Puppets from LGF 2.0 back when he supported Mr. Johnson, before Mr. Johnson exposed the nefarious fascist underpinnings that Rodan holds so near and dear. Rodan would later attack Mr. Johnson and be banned from commenting at LGF, creating LGF 2.0.

What a hypocrite Rodan is, claiming Mr. Johnson is good for being hated, and then proceeding to hate him.  It’s somewhat poetically ironic.  I guess Rodan is among the “evil” now.

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Continuing on with the psychoanalysis from last week, let me turn the spotlight on another blogger known to many, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

The ICD-10 lists paranoid personality disorder as F60.0 Paranoid Personality Disorder.

This personality disorder is characterized by at least 3 of the following:

(a) excessive sensitivity to setbacks and rebuffs;

(b) tendency to bear grudges persistently, i.e. refusal to forgive insults and injuries or slights;

(c) suspiciousness and a pervasive tendency to distort experience by misconstruing the neutral or friendly actions of others as hostile or contemptuous;

(d) a combative and tenacious sense of personal rights out of keeping with the actual situation;

(e) recurrent suspicions, without justification, regarding sexual fidelity of spouse or sexual partner;

(f) tendency to experience excessive self-importance, manifest in a persistent self-referential attitude;

(g) preoccupation with unsubstantiated “conspiratorial” explanations of events both immediate to the patient and in the world at large.

The international standard requires at least three of these characteristics. Let’s list a few examples, shall we?

(c) misconstruing the neutral or friendly actions of others as hostile or contemptuous

LGF raised concerns that some participants in the anti-islamization conference might have less than savory backgrounds, yet Pamela Geller reacted as though Charles Johnson had drowned her favorite puppy. Instead of seeing a concerned friend urge caution, she saw an attack, and attacked back.

(d) a combative and tenacious sense of personal rights out of keeping with the actual situation

If you click through the link “publicly flogged” to Pamela’s blog, you’ll see that the “Vlaams Belang” story to which she links actually has nothing to do with Belgian Vlaams Belang, as they can’t control anti-Semitism in Sweden, but for Pamela, a loose connection to European politics is the only opening she needed to insert paranoid claims of a “mission” before voicing her desire for violent revenge concerning unrelated news stories.

(f) tendency to experience excessive self-importance, manifest in a persistent self-referential attitude

Any perusal of Pamela’s front page demonstrates her tendency to inject herself into every event she covers. A google image search returns with hundreds of thousands of images, usually of Pamela and often someone of more import than herself. Defending the Defensible is particularly fond of these images of Pamela with Robert Spencer captured from an Atlas Shrugs Vlog. The video is now private for some unexplained reason (hat tip:ChenZhen).

(g) preoccupation with unsubstantiated “conspiratorial” explanations of events both immediate to the patient andin the world at large

No conspiracy is too wild for Pamela. She’ll promote any story from any source if it confirms her existing biases, no matter how outlandish. CIA plots, secret ChiCom deals, illegitimate children of famous activists- Pamela has them all covered. Not to mention her propensity for subscribing motivations of others to plots designed to harm her efforts.

Please recall that “paranoid personality disorder” is characterized by at least 3 of seven points. Above are listed four of those points as they can be related to Pamela Geller and her writing. Dear Readers, I will allow you to draw your own conclusions.

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Let us for a minute analyze the psychology of the stalkers and see if they fit the bill for Paranoid Personality Disorder. We’ll compare them with the step for identifying it from this source at eHow.com.

Step 1

Know that people with paranoid personality disorder are often socially isolated and view others with distrust. People with this disorder tend to view the world as hostile and threatening. They often blame others and accuse them of having evil motives.

Step 2

Realize that people with paranoid personality disorder treat others with suspicion. They expect to be slighted or exploited. They are easily offended and hold grudges for an unreasonable length of time.

Step 3

Recognize that people with paranoid personality disorder tend to be overly sensitive, intolerant and unnecessarily critical when dealing with others. Individuals with this disorder often have an attitude of arrogance and superiority. They are unwilling and unaware of any defects or weaknesses in their own personality.

Step 4

Understand that people with this disorder may appear cold and callous to others. They often lack a sense of humor and are consistently intense and on-guard for any perceived threat.

Step 5

Treat the disorder. Treatment options are often limited for individuals with paranoid personality disorder. The use of any medications is often met with suspicion and the individual refuses to comply with the medication regimen. The overall lack of trust in anyone makes the establishment of a psychotherapeutic relationship impossible.

To compare, here is the analysis of the stalker bloggers:

1) “They often blame others and accuse them of having evil motives.” This is observable daily at LGF2.0, not the least of which are the administrators themselves.

2) “They are easily offended and hold grudges for an unreasonable length of time.” Again, hair trigger knee-jerks are a daily occurrence at LGF2.0 in numerous comments from numerous sources. Of course, with the number of multiple sock puppets in frequent use by these stalkers, it’s possible this trait is being magnified.

3) “Recognize that people with paranoid personality disorder tend to be overly sensitive, intolerant and unnecessarily critical when dealing with others. Individuals with this disorder often have an attitude of arrogance and superiority. They are unwilling and unaware of any defects or weaknesses in their own personality.” Not only do the stalkers fail to see what’s wrong with themselves, we can chalk this trait up to Pamela Geller too.

4) “They often lack a sense of humor and are consistently intense and on-guard for any perceived threat.” This is particularly true of Rodan, who sees threats around every corner, even the most innocuous comment will send him on a tirade.

5) “Treat the disorder.” Considering number 3 on this list, it is unlikely that the stalkers themselves would be able to seek out treatment in that they don’t see anything as being wrong with them. Perhaps some of their peers/friends can get through to them, but in light of their suspicions of others, this seems a remote chance.

One might ponder if the sane people who spend time at LGF2.0 might reconsider exactly what it is they’re supporting. Only time will tell.

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This guy makes Socky McSockpuppet blush with the number of sock puppets he has had. He’s been known as “The Joker”, “Hateful Hater”, “AV2025″, “Conquistador”, “Trajan” and “Jay Pagan”, but, Rick Martinez is best known as “Rodan” when he posts from LGF 2.0.

Rodan is a fairly hardcore Serbian nationalist who does not hesitate to wish ill on all muslims.

36. Rodan on 20 May, 2009 at 9:46 am

“I’m calling the thugs who shoved 1000 prisoners into the barn at Kravica and machinnegunned them all to death (I’ve seen the barn and have the pics)”

God bless the Serbs that did that. Deead Muslims are good for Humaity, less Jihadists. Serbs Fought Nazis, Muslismm helped them. You are a Nazi!
An Example of appeasement to Islam

Rodan has even blamed other commentors for the events of September 11, 2001.

23. Rodan on 19 May, 2009 at 6:29 am

Richard L. Kent, Esq.,
It’s because of people with your ignorant mindset that 9/11 happen.
The Serbs were fighting Islamic Terrorists. The Arab were nthe majority of the Muslim Army. They killed Serbs. The Serbs retalitaed. You are an ignorant jerk and I have no respect for you.

You are the reason 9/11 happened and their blood is on you filth.
An Example of appeasement to Islam

He even willingly admits LGF 2.0 is a blog for bigotry and exists as a forum where his hate can be typed without being deleted.

25. Rodan on 19 May, 2009 at 7:24 am

20. Richard L. Kent, Esq.,
You are on the wrong Blog. This is an Anti-Islamic Pro Serb Blog. Go to LGF where they support Islamic Imperialism like you.
An Example of appeasement to Islam

It gets worse from there for Rodan’s bigotry.

58. Rodan on 20 May, 2009 at 2:32 pm

56. Richard L. Kent, Esq.,
The only one going to hell is you. You support Islam which is a creation of Satan. Care to discuss Islam or are you ignorant and know nothing about their Satanic Cult?
An Example of appeasement to Islam

66. Rodan on 20 May, 2009 at 3:03 pm

63. Richard L. Kent, Esq.
Jesus has opened opened my Eyes to evils of Islam. May Mecca and teh kabba end in rediated flames.
An Example of appeasement to Islam

He then goes on to wish that Mecca be nuked.

88. Rodan on 22 May, 2009 at 12:18 pm

87. Lazar ,
God Bless you for fighting the Muslim Barbarians. I apologize for what America did to your people. As one Christian to another, I ask for your forgiveness on the treachery
of my government and some of my fellow Americans.

One day an American like me will be in charge and we will withdraw and support Serbia’s liberation of Bosnia from the Turkish remnant and Kosovo will be Christian again.

Jesus stands with the Serb people, you are his warriors as my ancestors were! As he shed blood for you, your people and us Latins have shed our blood for him.

Victory over Islam, may the Kaaba burn with radioactive fire!
An Example of appeasement to Islam

It was comments like this and his sock puppetry that got him banned from LGF, but Rodan doesn’t want to see it that way. He also readily admits that he has been a bigot even before 9/11.

45. Rodan on 2 June, 2009 at 3:31 pm

re: #39 by song_and_dance_man

I never liked Islam even before 9/11. My Grandfather was a Spaniard and my Grandmother was a Dominican of Lebanese Origin. They both taught me what Islam was about. I never liked it. They hate us because we stand in their way of forming a Caliphate and then world conquest.
If another nation was in America’s position they would hate them as well.
CNN Poll: Americans Dislike Islamic Countries

I’ll leave it up to you in the comments if you want to validate my earlier mention of Rodan being a Nazi. He certainly is into genocide, and supportive of what the Serbs did to the Bosnian Muslims at places such as Markale and Srebrenica. The evidence stands for itself.

I ask those of LGF 2.0, is this the type of person you want to associate with?

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This is now getting funny and absurd at the same time. The stalkers at the so-called “blogmocracy”, aka LGF 2.0, now require registration to comment. It’s one of the things they complain about Mr. Johnson, yet they’re now practicing it themselves.

As it is, they got called on the nic-jacking bullshit enough times that they went and did this:

26. gclaghorn on 24 May, 2009 at 2:47 pm

I set the registration system so that you cannot register with the usernames “Sharmuta”, “Killgore Trout”, or “Charles.”

User Registration Now Required To Comment

38. WrathofG-d on 24 May, 2009 at 2:50 pm reply

re: #26 by gclaghorn


I just want to go on record that the Blogmocracy does not encourage, or condone “nic-jacking” through registration either.

Just use your old LGF name, or if you chose, or are not an Old LGF’r, a brand new one.

Please DO NOT register with a name or nic that is more commonly contributed to someone else.

User Registration Now Required To Comment

Guess they had enough of their ISP host getting pissy with them. By the way, the comment about not condoning nic-jacking is utter bullshit. They reveled in it like a pig in shit since day one. Only now since they’ve gotten called on the carpet for it do they now institute registration and renounce it. Bunch of hypocrites.

How long till they start deleting comments they don’t like as they love to project onto other people? How long until Savage and Rodan start banning people who don’t toe their line? We’ll have to wait and see. Wonder if they’ll start deleting comments like this:

60. Barakanishu on 27 May, 2009 at 10:56 am

“Gives Personal Information”? A user name and an email address is “Personal information”? As mentioned in the article, there are no requirements against “proxies/throw away email addresses”.

You most certainly have much more privacy with 2.0 than 1.0. I dont remember the 1.0 registration process… does it require you input your first/last name?

Charles is a douchebag piece of shit. I challenge him to a fist fight outside his Calif-cknia home so he doesn’t even have to pay gasoline to travel to the event.

Silly, Silly CJ (pt. II)

Real mature there, Barakanishu. Challenging someone to a fistfight is usually considered advocating violence.
In most of the civilized world, that’s usually considered a threat that’s taken seriously.

But, wait there’s more. Gotta wonder if they’ll delete this:

15. Purple Prose on 22 May, 2009 at 10:25 pm

Chuckles is the missing link between Charles Manson and Joseph Stalin.

Someone Made a Monkey Out of Charles Johnson

Nice, comparing Mr. Johnson, a fairly decent person and pretty good blogger who would seem to never even hurt a fly with two deranged psychopaths. Nice bit of association there, Purple Prose. Too bad it makes you look like an ass. Again, on a civilized blog, this would’ve been deleted as over the top.

Yet another gem:

21. Rodan on 22 May, 2009 at 10:47 am

Moderate Muslims don’t exist. They are all Arab Imperialists supporters.

Silly, Silly CJ

Wow, I mean, just wow. This is coming from an unapologetic Serbian Nationalist, basically, a Serbian Nazi.
Thanks for letting us know how you think, Rodan. Nice to know you are a Nazi.

Then, there’s the one post they did delete, but only after it was well noted. Of course, it was by that complete psycho Savage.

254. savage on 21 May, 2009 at 7:07 pm
251 Skippy

It’s called paranoia. Hitler experienced the same thing in his final days.

And the final days ended in suicide.

Charles, this goes out to you. I hope and pray someone finds you layed out on the floor with a pistol in your hand and your brains splattered all over the kitchen. Stupid MF’er.

Open Thread: Thursday Music Edition

That one just takes the cake. They commonly wish death on a fair number of targets, but this one is just amazing for its depravity. Marc Donato (aka Savage) is quite frankly, a few sheets short of a ream of paper. He reminds one of the character played by Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver.

I strongly suggest he seek psychiatric help soon. However, until he does so, we can expect to see more gems like the above.

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Ed Mahmoud, also known as Ed of Many Names, and Ed the Weatherman. Ed seemed like a likable character on LGF. He talked about how he got drunk here, there, everywhere, and gave the weather. However, there was a sinister side to him, one that appeared after his buddies got banned for their comments and lack of discretion. Ed started to repost items from LGF over at a blog called Gulf Coast Pundit (GCP) for his buddies to ridicule. Mr. Johnson caught wind of this and subsequently banned Ed. Ed apparently apologized for it and was left back in only to do it all over again. Then he got banned a second time for the act. After the second time, Ed, instead of being a gentleman and accepting his banning, whined to everyone and anyone on the internet about his banning.

Ed often refers to Mr. Johnson as “Chuckles the Clown”, sometimes as “Chuckles the Dancing Clown”.

Censorship that Chuckles the Dancing Clown approves of, obviously.

With such childish taunts, he commonly posts a picture of a clown of some sort. Sometimes it is a clown with a guitar (an allusion to Mr. Johnson being a jazz guitarist, I guess), sometimes it is a Ronald McDonald type clown with blood on its hands and mouth, and at other times it is a clown as featured in Stephen King’s “It”. Ed seems to have a clown fetish.

As mentioned above, Ed went a bit nuts right after his banning. Instead of letting it go, he posted stuff like this:

He is very thin skinned, has a very delicate ego, and if there is any money left from Pajama Medias, a nice vacation to Europe while Roger Simon or Allah Pundit run the blog would do him a world of good. 4 years of 14 hour days running the blog without getting away, can’t be good for him.

Of course Johnson bans for dissent. Fjordman was banned for that. About half the peopel [sic] at Gulf Coast Pundit were banned simply because Charles recognized them as posting at both blogs, even the ones who never spoke about LGF at GCP.
– Gates of Vienna

Later on, Bodissey told Ed that he was not to post his weather information at Gates of Vienna. Swell bunch of friends he found there. Quite funny when you consider that Mr. Johnson was allowing Ed to post his weather-related material, and Bodissey wants to censor it. How’s that for censorship, Ed?

Ed’s last comments on LGF were on November 19, 2007, but you’ll never find the corresponding GCP comments for that date. The forum only goes back to early 2008.

Mr. Johnson gave his reason for why Ed was finally banned from LGF.

Charles 11/20/07 7:52:32 am

Since people are wondering why Ed was banned, here’s why — he was copying and pasting my comments at the creepy stalker blog, for the wonderful people over there to bash and mock. It has nothing to do with anything he posted here. I can’t stop those creeps from obsessing over me, but I don’t have to put with two-faced backstabbers in my own site.

No, one should not have to put up with such behavior, especially on one’s own website. That is why Ed was banned, not due to any censorship issues.

Ed just couldn’t help reposting material for the banned to mock over at GCP. His is an example of a rather extreme meltdown, but a meltdown that many others have had nonetheless.

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Where to begin with the liars and the haters?  There’s no better place than LGF 2.0.  LGF 2.0 got its start from a commentor who was banned from Little Green Footballs named muman.  The blog was originally, from what I can gather, named LGF Sucks.  This changed in August 2008 after two other commentors were banned for their behavior, Rodan and Savage_Nation.  The blog started as a rant against Charles Johnson of LGF by muman for preceived slights after Johnson exposed the idiotarianism of Intelligent Design, the Wedge Strategy, and its links to some very unsavory anti-science young-earth creationists.  They have a habit of “nic-jacking” commentors from LGF, Johnson, Killgore Trout, and Sharmuta in particular.  They also wrongly believe that Johnson is on an anti-Christian crusade.  He is not, and has denied their claims several times.

The blog began, ominously, with the first post of “Welcome to lgfsucks blog”.  Here is muman about why:

I was a very happy member of the littlegreenfootballs crew for over three years. Most everyone there who I chatted with enjoyed my company. But the website owner, Charles somethingorother, has become a despotic tyrant and started banning anyone who disagreed with him. Charles has started to come out very strongly against faith and those who have faith. He labels anyone who believes in the Master of the Universe as one who supports ID theory.

Utter bullshit. Johnson only banned those who decided to defame him and argue using ad hominem arguments. He never came out against faith, and many lizards of faith are still active LGF participants. IDiots believe that if you are against them teaching ID in schools, you are therefore against faith. It’s a crock of shit.

In August 2008, muman ended lgfsucks blog in favor of his own, and went his own way. Rodan, Avideditor, and Savage_Nation then took over his blog and renamed it LGF 2.0. It started with Rodan announcing his new blog with a post entitled, “Hello Charles it’s Rodan”:

I know you will read this since you are a bitch. LGF is nothing more than a front for Atheists who hate Jews and Christians. You hate Muslims today, but you will turn your attacks on us. You are a fraud Charles, you just repeat Bush talking points and ban anyone who disagrees. You are destroying the anti-Jihad movement. I believe you are a plant and a fake. By banning me, you have a made an enemy. I have brought Think Progress to it’s knees, I take the Left on. You are a coward who hides behind your blog. You allow losers like Kilgore Trout to run your own site. You aren’t man Charles You are a little girl.

To LGFers,

We will post the same stories from LGF, come here and enjoy without Taxfreekiller and Kilgore running to Charles when they lose debates.

Rodan was intent on plagiarizing Johnson’s posts on LGF, and defaming Killgore Trout and Tax Free Killer at the same time. He was full of crap with his rant against Johnson. Johnson has never attacked Christians or Jews, just the idiotiarianism of ID and IDiots who promote it. Here’s what got Rodan banned from LGF, by the way:

Sharmuta 7/12/08 11:16:46 pm PDT
re: #126 Noam Sayin’

Yes- Konservo has an account here, and if you read that, avid isn’t pleased that Konservo isn’t siding with the Serbs- one of the very reasons he and Rodan were playing sock puppet games at LGF which led to avid’s banning.

Johnson frowns on sock puppet games being played where one commentor uses several sock puppets to support his/her position and argue amongst themselves. Rodan, you are full of shit on your reason for being banned. Johnson banned you for your sock puppetry, not for being a Christian. Rodan also was a major supporter of Serbian nationalism and he and Avideditor used their sock puppets to argue their point. Rodan subsequently attempted to sneak back in under new nics.

There is also evidence that Rodan and Avideditor are the same person:

Charles 2/21/2008 9:51:31 pm PST
And sure enough — I just checked some IPs, and ‘avideditorla’ was also none other than ‘Rodan’.

Avdieditor/Rodan also used more accounts:

Charles 2/21/08 9:51:31 pm PST
And sure enough — I just checked some IPs, and ‘avideditorla’ was also none other than ‘Rodan’.

Charles 2/21/08 9:52:29 pm PST
This one has also been blocked under the names ‘Akita’ and ‘The Joker’.

Face it, morons, you got banned for using socks to support your Serbian nationalism.

Savage_Nation was banned (again) on August 14, 2008. He was banned for threatening to use the business end of a shotgun on his stepdaughter’s boyfriend. As Johnson says in the disclaimer at the top of every page,

Comments that advocate violence will be cause for immediate banning with no appeal.

He promptly joined LGF 2.0 the same day. Savage’s posts were deleted after he decided to sneak back in as cutestguy. Yeah, real cute, dumbass.

Other banned commentors joined them in their own little clique. A few include Song_and_Dance_Man (committed profile suicide by daring Johnson to ban him), Kirly (now known as The Sneak), Storagemanager, Jehu, and Chen Zhen.

Chen Zhen has become one of the writers on LGF 2.0. He also has his own blog. He was banned from LGF on October 2, 2007 for acting like a complete twit by backstabbing the blog author (there’s more like this, but we’ll get to Ed later):

ChenZhen 10/02/07 7:41:36 pm
re: #226 Sharmuta

re: #219 Killgore Trout

Yeah- I got that. Last night he was “brainstorming” about LGF merchandise, and he’s still mocking Charles after he posted at stalker blog #1. Really lovely troll we got here.

I just thought it was a neat co-inky-dink that the thread appeared the same day that the Rush thing blew up. So I rolled with it.

That was Chen’s last LGF comment under the nic Chen Zhen. Charles explained his reasoning later about Chen backstabbing him. Other commentors have done so from time to time, and it is not nice, and not appreciated by the blog owner:

Charles 10/02/07 7:49:26 pm
re: #244 ChenZhen

re: #226 Sharmuta

re: #219 Killgore Trout

Yeah- I got that. Last night he was “brainstorming” about LGF merchandise, and he’s still mocking Charles after he posted at stalker blog #1. Really lovely troll we got here.

I just thought it was a neat co-inky-dink that the thread appeared the same day that the Rush thing blew up. So I rolled with it.

And you’re close to rolling your last comment here.

Decency is apparently foreign to you.

Decency was rather foreign to Chen, and apparently it still is as he has now chosen to post articles on LGF 2.0 with the other indecent twits. He is also joined by Lance Kates as the fourth and last current article author at LGF 2.0.

Lance is an interesting case. A head case really. He can’t seem to get his head around the fact that ID does not belong in schools and that rejecting ID does not make one an atheist. Lance blew up at Johnson in a thread in which Johnson and other lizards criticized Ben Stein for narrating a pro-ID film, Expelled. Expelled was little more than Stein’s attempt at making a Michael Moore-style documentary. It was also full of the same types of lies and bullshit as a Michael Moore documentary. Johnson pointed this out, and Lance blew a gasket. Then Cox and Forkum made a wonderful cartoon regarding ID, and Lance just lost it:

LanceKates 5/08/08 4:49:38 pm
re: #185 Killgore Trout

The cartoon was explained upthread, you shouldn’t find that surprising.

I don’t find the cartoon suprising, or its presence here, I’m afraid.

And your arrogant belittling attitude SURE isn’t suprising.

Lance was not banned for being a Christian, as he so often loves to point out on LGF 2.0. He was banned for being a prick, a whiner, and abusive toward the blog owner and other commentors. Lance also never had much of a head for understanding sarcasm either. As Johnson put it well in this comment in the same thread:

Charles 5/08/08 4:47:54 pm
re: #165 FunkMachine

LGF doesn’t specifically cater to people of faith, and it doesn’t specifically NOT cater to people of faith either. The point is that people who act like loose cannons spewing insults at everyone aren’t going to be welcome for long.

Amen to that. Commentors like Savage and Lance who get abusive have no place on any decent blog.

I will be returning to the subject of LGF 2.0 later.

Update: A correction, it was discovered that Rodan and Avid are not the same person. I apologize for the mistake. The rest of the evidence stands as it is.

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Over the duration of this blog, I intend to expose the haters for who they are and why they hate. I intend to show the lying liars for what they are, and expose the lies they tell. I may make a post about once a week about certain folks and their blogs.

2 Responses to “DefenseMan Is Clueless”

  1. African Moondog said

    “Over the duration of this blog, I intend to expose the haters for who they are and why they hate. I intend to show the lying liars for what they are, and expose the lies they tell. I may make a post about once a week about certain folks and their blogs.”

    Well that did not last long did it?

  2. jim said

    I loved this well written article and great website. Very informative. Keep up the good work!

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