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I Smell a Pogrom

Posted by Glezele Vayne on December 6, 2009


Lo aleinu.

I’ve read about them for 30+ years. We’ve all watched the Hollywood version on “Fiddler on a Roof”. It made me wonder what the real thing looked like, felt like. The hatred and insanity of one always horrified me, mystified me.

Why? Why do people throw innocent, peaceful families out of their homes, off their land? How do they rationalize their cruelty?

The other night, I was chatting with someone in the Israeli military. I will not give any more details than that. He expressed utter disdain for any IDF soldier who would “refuse an order”, telling me that doing such is traitorous, breaks down military order, that he would never be able to trust a soldier to watch his back once they even expressed via a banner, that he would not throw Jews out of their homes if ordered to do so. He then said that the “settlers” were occupying Arab land. He doubted a religious soldier would protect him anyway, as according to him, the Shulchan Aruch views him as a “kufr”….Arabic for “infidel” not worthy of basic human rights. As if halacha is in any way comparable to sharia.

I expressed my shock and disgust at his views. He then softened a bit and said that in 20 years, the Arabs would run out of oil, and then the IDF would chase them all to the Jordanian hills and the world would not take notice, presumably because no one would need them any longer. No oil for us, no care for you.

I got an inside view of the type of lies the military leaders (secular) feed their soldiers in order to drive a deeper wedge between the religious and secular of Israel, and more importantly, between the Jews of Judea and Samaria and the average Israeli living behind the green lines. The post-Zionist and anti-Zionist leaders in Israel are conducting a propaganda war against Jewish villagers, especially religious Jewish villagers. They are abusing and twisting the rulings of halacha the same way the antisemites do. No wonder these men and women who throw Jews out of their homes can rationalize their brutality, their robot-like cold-heartedness.

While our religious youth are being taught to love all Jews regardless, the secular Israeli is learning their religious brethren could never, would never, do so.

This is a war between “ahavat sinam” vs “sinat chinam”. The latter lost us our Temple and our Commonwealth. With the help of HKB”H, the former will win both back again.

Then, the old horror moving “The Invasion of the Pod People” came to mind.

Police Violence in Kedumim over Freeze Protest

IsraelNN.com by Hillel Fendel

Policemen, against acceptable rules of conduct, manhandled girls and others protesting the building freeze at Kedumim on Sunday.

After a Sabbath break, the anti-freeze battles continued and another mayor was physically beaten. Residents of Kedumim, one of the most veteran communities in Samaria, came out in droves on Sunday morning to block Civil Administration officials from distributing stop-work orders on building projects in the town.

The inspectors were accompanied by special Yassam unit police officers, who reportedly used strong violence to disperse the protestors. The Yassamnikim hit the town’s mayor, Chananel Durani, and his deputy, eyewitnesses say, and threw young girls on the street, as seen on the video above.

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From Glezele Vayne – formerly “Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz”

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