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Happy Thanksgiving! Obama is an anti-Israel moron

Posted by avideditor on November 26, 2009

My family tried to lecture me on how what I am doing is wrong and dangerous. I disagree. I think Obama is a anti-semetic moron and the worse thing for Israel and America ever. The proof is in what he does.

Evil Obama scapegoats the Jews like evil Dictators before him

A commie, a maoist, and now a jihadi?

I do not regret posting this articles and I think anyone that supports what this mad man is doing to America and Israel should look at the facts again. Well happy thanksgiving.

On a side note is is beyond disturbing to read that BS the liberal media is pushing when the proponents of the global warming hoax have just been recently exposed for making up data in their “evidence”.

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The Joys of Being Banned at Liberty Forest

Posted by Glezele Vayne on November 26, 2009


By Ellie Katz

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I have had the unmitigated pleasure of being banned from Liberty Forest, a website which purports to promote the ideology of the Libertarian Party, and specifically, the agenda of Dr. Ron Paul and his son, Dr. Rand Paul. Turns out however, it is a haven for antisemites. What a feather in my cap. Read the rest of this entry »

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