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Good Riddance Mr. Muhammed

Posted by ghostofsparta on November 10, 2009

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Tonight, Virginia is set to execute John Allen Muhammed, aka “The DC (or Beltway) Sniper.” For those who don’t remember, you clearly did not live in the DC area in the early 2000’s. This piece of human excrement made me afraid to pump my own gas within 30 miles of DC during my senior year of high school. A brief recap:

During three weeks in October 2002, Muhammad and Malvo killed 10 people and wounded three, while taunting police with written messages and phoned-in threats and demands. It could have been much worse. During Muhammad’s second trial in Maryland, Malvo testified that Muhammad originally planned to kill up to six people each day for 30 days.

Muhammed admitted that he killed at random because he planned to kill his wife and didn’t want to leave an obvious trail. Classy. But of course, it wasn’t his fault. He was a victim of racism, of course!

He repeated his assertion that he was an innocent victim of racial bias in a letter to the federal court released last week by his attorneys. Muhammad charged that police and prosecutors “lied to the American people” about his case and withheld evidence that could clear him.

I will admit, I do get a certain sick thrill when I hear people who remember this guy say something along the lines of “You know, I’m against the death penalty, BUT I’m not going to shed a tear for this guy.” It takes a special breed of person to unite people on opposing sides of such a polarizing issue. Governor Tim Kaine has already denied clemency, and so the execution appears to be going forward. If I had 1 wish, it would be that the execution were broadcast to the room of Mr. Nidal Hasan, of the recent Ft. Hood attacks.

Aloha Snackbar, Mr. Muhammed.

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