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John Bolton on how Obama speech to the UN is anti-Israel

Posted by avideditor on September 24, 2009

Yes it is on Glenn Beck’s show. I do not support Beck. I think some things he says are wrong but he is doing a a good job exposing things IMHO/

I just saw this clip and I think it is important to watch.

Bolton is the greatest. Bolton Akbar ULULULULULLULLULULU ! Sorry making fun of the despicable jihadis. Akbar means the greatest in Arabic 😉 I wish I lived in a world where Boton was POTUS instead of 0.

Here is what I wrote on the subject of 0 speech to the UN.

Only Jihadis uses the word OCCUPATION to describe Israel. Obama uses that word

Obama calls to give Jihadis Contiguous land from the Jews

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