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Are the leftist defending childhood prostitution?

Posted by avideditor on September 16, 2009

You can see the videos here. ACORN is evil. They offer advice and help to people that want to engage in prostituting children.  Than why is the story not picked up more. The coffee shop blog has a great Daily Show clip about it. But the wacko leftist at LGF is defending Acorn.

LGF screenshot
Wow. CJ used to be an anti-Jihadi blogger. Now he is just as crazy as the kooks over at the DKOS.

Is there anything true to the article at Salon that he linked to in his main page about Beck? Or is it just a lefty smear attack against Beck’s religion?  Why are the loons out there defending an organization that aids in childhood prostitution?

It seems as is everyone is realizing the fraud that CJ or LGF is “Mad King Charles did not attack me until I defended Pamela against his vicious lies, and let us not neglect to observe that chief among his targets have been three women — Geller, Coulter and Malkin. If Charles Johnson were a Sioux, his tribal name would have to be “Fights With Girls.” ” Read the rest.

3 Responses to “Are the leftist defending childhood prostitution?”

  1. Rodan said

    He’s a hack for Soros, are you shocked?

  2. […] Are the leftist defending childhood prostitution? […]

  3. Peg C. said

    I guess the Left no longer attacks CJ as they used to? Because he’s gone over to their side and seemingly past it now.

    I never knew ACORN was 95% or whatever black. I bet no conservatives did. Those 2 kids have revealed something stark and ugly with their videos and the cockroaches are screaming and scrambling. This does not speak well for the black community and culture, though. Prostitution appears to be a normal, acceptable activity and way of making a living in black culture, to see and hear those folks at ACORN. Apparently the word “ho” is no joke. Don’t tell me any of this is a surprise to Rangel & co. Why is not the black community UP IN ARMS over this?!

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