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Do not link to the libel blog LGF

Posted by avideditor on September 15, 2009


BAN CHARLES JOHNSON: Don’t Read or Link to “Little Green Footballs”

Are you one of the MANY commenters at Little Green Footballs who were BANNED because:

  • You voted up or down on a post or comment
  • You disagreed with Charles Johnson about something
  • You used a term that Charles Johnson doesn’t like, e.g. “feminazis”
  • You are a religious person
  • You believe in Intelligent Design
  • You want to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate
  • You are friends with Pam Geller, Robert Spencer or Robert S. McCain
  • You left a comment on a blog that Charley doesn’t like
  • You have doubts about the theory of evolution
  • You asked Charles an embarrassing question, e.g. “why do you ban so many people for frivolous reasons?”

Lately Charles Johnson has moved left and has begun a vicious smear campaign against conservative bloggers and pundits.  However, the blogosphere can do something about Charley’s hateful and unethical behavior, and that is to BAN HIM BACK

Read the rest here

HT Savage

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