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Charles Johnson at LGF let commenters post Jew hatred on his site

Posted by avideditor on September 12, 2009

Update: In all fairness CJ finally did take the comment down. He still responded to a comment after this hateful piece of trash was posted, which tell a bit about what he thinks IMHO. And he still sells sex toys at amazon.

He highly moderates his comments.He recently said the th commentor reat of the Jihadis is highly overrated. Now he just threw Jews under the bus. Here is a screen shot sent to me by a poster at LGF2.


Beyond sick right. Well CJ has now resorted to selling Sex toys on his site through amazon. He is not an anti-Jihadi any more IMHO. By letting that hateful comment exist on his site, he is now an anti-semite. He responded to a later comment in that thread and that comment is still up.

Here is a screen grab I got of the sex toys he is now pushing at amazon. BTW I believe do what you want behind closed doors but I think pushing sex toys is beyond low.

BTW NSFW screen shot of some of what LGF is pushing. BTW there are more than 50 pages of this


and for the people with smaller screen here is the original comment


2 Responses to “Charles Johnson at LGF let commenters post Jew hatred on his site”

  1. Hell, I figure that if I can’t get laid maybe someone else can.

  2. CJ said

    The Doc Johnson Lucid Dream 48 Squirmy is my favorite bicycle seat substitute.

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