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CJ of LGF has broken the TOS with PAYPAL

Posted by avideditor on September 7, 2009


613 Charles  Wed, Sep 9, 2009 6:52:25pm

I don’t like to do this, but if you feel like chipping something in to keep LGF running, now might be a good time.

(There’s a Paypal link in the left column.)

HT MSMediacritic from this great lounge for bring me the info.

Is he hurting for money or does he just want to out more people’s private information? Whatever is the case, I think using the paypal information to expose people that  are known only by a handle on websites put these people and their lives and families at possible risk and promoting violence. Lets do what we can to make sure this possible drug addict can not hurt more innocent people. Warning if you donate to this mad man via paypal you risk having your personal information revealed when he bans you for perceived slights.

Thanks to LGF2 for cross posting this. If you run a blog and want to cross post this just go ahead just please include a link back to the original article. And if you want to help prevent jihadis from taking over the net and the world support the JIDF I highly doubt they will ever use you personal info from a donation to cause you or your family harm like Charles Johnson of the LGF is doing.


I know of two people that he has exposed personal info on that he could have only got from paypal payments or donations. This is clearly against the terms of service for PayPal. How do you get PayPal removed from a website? I know the JIDF has done that to jihadis. But, I do not think PayPal will help just because he turned his site from an anti-jihadi site to an anti-conservative and G-d bashing site that now promotes the global warming myth and 0bama’s agenda he is not a jihadi yet. I just think Charles Johnson of LGF has crossed the line and has put innocent people’s lives at risk. STOP HIM NOW IF YOU CAN.

PS the JIDF radio show is amazing IMHO, especially ep 4. Check it out. They are a great organization too IMHO.

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Selling Human Organs: A Recession Proof Industry

Posted by ghostofsparta on September 7, 2009

Crossposted from http://paranoidpyro8503.blogspot.com/2009/09/selling-human-organs-recession-proof.html

Over the past week, several stories have come out about how the world’s poor are coping with this worldwide recession. And in Iraq, the media have found a particularly interesting story to latch onto: Iraqis are selling body part, especially kidneys, to make money to support themselves and their families. With oil prices falling and the price of everything else rising in their country, many Iraqis see this as an easy way to make a decent amount of money quickly in rough economic times. In fact, there are even some success stories coming out about people who took such drastic measure to survive:

Paid almost $10,000 for his kidney, he spent the money on a Toyota car which he now uses as a private taxi.
“I have a chance to earn money now, before I had no such chance,” he said. “It’s not something I regret at all. I feel fine, my health is good, and I am earning better money for my family. Our circumstances are slowly improving.”

Of course, since these have to be sold on the black market, there are plenty of horror stories to go along with the success stories:

Not only is poverty forcing people to such desperate acts to survive, but there are street children being snatched up and forcible having a kidney removed by black market doctors. Even parents selling a kidney of their children for money.

This practice of abducting children for either organ harvesting or sex slavery or any other abhorrent practice in the 3rd world must stop, and those responsible should be shown no mercy.

However. Read the rest of this entry »

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Singer & Gimpel Show 30 – Signs Pointing to Aliyah?

Posted by Glezele Vayne on September 7, 2009


Vodpod videos no longer available.

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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